Drukwerkdeal on collaboration with Prindustry

By 23 August 2018Partners
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“Together we offer broad solutions online”

“With partnerships you can offer a broader package of products”, says Michael Willems, account manager at Drukwerkdeal. For the online printing giant it is important to be a partner, for printers, colleagues and end-users. A partnership with Prindustry fits perfectly with this vision. “Together we give broad solutions to customers online.”

Unburdening the customer, quality and personal service … these are values in which Drukwerkdeal and Prindustry find each other. “Drukwerkdeal is a young, energetic and innovative company. And we want to continue to fulfill that. We listen carefully to requests from customers. From that idea, I recently also set up ‘Drukwerkdeal tailor-made’. With that I want to offer special products that we do not have in-house. Think of printed bean bags or paper clips. We do not want to say ‘no’ to the customer. The Prindustry concept fits seamlessly with this. With their platform you get a complete webshop from A to Z with a multitude of products.”

Operational webshop

The collaboration with Prindustry started in 2012. “We came across more and more customers who did not do anything online yet and wanted a webshop. You can then build a webshop yourself, but that costs a lot of time and money. Moreover, you can only offer your own products and you have to link all items manually. Via the platform of Prindustry there is immediately an operational webshop. It is for entrepreneurs with or without their own production. They can easily deposit an order at once. As a business owner, with this webshop you only have to focus on sales and marketing.”

Dynamic platform

Via the platform you can choose from many thousands of products from various graphic suppliers. Drukwerkdeal is one of them. You can also add your own special items. Michael continues: “The webshop is not a static thing, you can turn the buttons yourself. I also have regular contact with the team of Prindustry to discuss new ideas. The collaboration is very open and transparent. This way we can approach the market sharply together.”

Meeting relations

As a partner, Drukwerkdeal is also on the trade floor of the Connect Event of Prindustry on 18 October 2018. Last year they also participated with this concept, which was then a small-scale customer event with the name Marketplaceday. Michael about the network day of last year: “On such a day it’s all about meeting; with other suppliers and with customers. We are there with a stand to show what we can do. We also provide training on social media and e-mail marketing. We want to give customers something new that they can use to sell more. With such an initiative as the Prindustry Connect Event we can further shape relationships.”

As a WhiteLabelShop reseller you can link the Drukwerkdeal assortment to your webshop, in addition to the many assortments from other suppliers. The webshop is whitelabel, so you sell everything under your own name, with prices that you determine.