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By 22 August 2018Partners
ricard customer case

“With the Prindustry platform you save time for your customer”

Richard Koek from Ricard Drukwerk has a webshop from Prindustry since 2016. It gives him added value precisely for his local customers: “They often find it difficult to carry out an assignment online. I can now easily do that for them. With the marketplace of Prindustry I can also offer customers so many more graphic communication products. “

richard koekRichard began his graphic career 30 years ago with the sale of greeting cards. It did not take long for Richard to start designing and producing the greeting cards himself. For this he was the first in the Netherlands to buy a digital printer from Konica Minolta 15 years ago. More and more customers also started asking for other printed matter, such as business cards or folders. “That meant a whole different way of working for us. Suddenly people asked for quotations in advance, while we were used to calculate a price afterwards. Working with digital orders and a quotation system was not in our blood.”

Cooperation Prindustry

This led Richard to contact a party that could do that. At a trade fair he came into contact with Prindustry via the large online printer company Drukwerkdeal. “We were quickly convinced of the good qualities of the Prindustry webshop. Especially the backend with the marketplace is fantastic. It is a real marketplace with supply and demand. You can search for your question and choose from various suppliers of that product. I can therefore provide much more for my customers. For example, the sign market was largely unknown to me, but now I do business with signmaker Probo three times a week. There are also orders for 20 stickers with a diameter of 20 centimeters or post-its with a logo.”

Local customers

“You will of course still compete with the big boys,” continues the enthusiastic entrepreneur. “For me, it makes more sense to work locally and mean more for these customers. Service is still important for the average company. They often can not deliver assignments according to various specifications themselves. I can save them time by doing it for them. I specialize in small print runs and for other assignments I search in the marketplace. I also work with Prindustry to offer my small print runs and black-and-white leaflets in the Prindustry platform. ”

Meet each other against cold feet

Richard likes to be present at the customer days of Prindustry. “For me it is about getting to know everyone. As a printer, you often have cold feet of housing assignments elsewhere. If you know people, you can build trust in them. You want to be able to supply everything for your customers, but you need good cooperation with others for that.”

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