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By 2 August 2018Partners
Samenwerking met Prindustry

“One point of contact, from one central location”

A director who set up the company in 1992, out of interest in the graphic profession. A growth ambition to unite more disciplines at home. And recent mergers and acquisitions of Manta Print, Printing Company Trioprint, Efficient Printing and Rikken Print. This means the current DPN Rikken Print stands as a multifunctional graphic company firmly on the map. A webshop also belongs on that map, according to co-owner René Jeurissen. He already saw a decade ago that a webshop belonged to a good vision of the future.

René Jeurissen is one of the three partners of DPN Rikken Print. “We profile ourselves as a specialist in digital printing and offset. From stationery and business cards to personalized mailings. “René is not a graphic specialist, but more a manager. Together with his colleagues, he looks at the market from different angles.

Distinguish with cinema and inspiration space

It is difficult to distinguish yourself. Every company goes for quality, service, speed and/or customization. For René also important points, but he also looks for other areas where he can distinguish DPN. “We have a mini-cinema in our building that can accommodate about 25 persons. Right next to the cinema room is an inspiration room, which we use for business clubs or workshops. Recently we organized the workshop ‘Paper Ways’ with paper supplier Papyrus. A great opportunity to invite advertising and marketing agencies. We then discuss the range, the trends and developments in the market together. ”

The modern customer

For the modern customer it is important to have one point of contact. “And that from a central location”, emphasizes René. “The customer prefers to lay down his design, stationery or signing with one person. We can take care of this whole process. Everyone has been calling that for a long time, but that’s what we get fix now. Printing, offset, sign; we have it all in house. For example, we arrange everything for the Radboud University. Think of forms, study materials or books. ”

Functional webshop

Offline and online, it’s getting better together. René saw this at an early stage. “Ten years ago, a webshop was the same for us as being future-oriented. We have good experiences with the Prindustry webshop. It is functional! It is a stable system and there are many possibilities. It is a good combination with our offline products. Especially the standard products can be handled perfectly online. Despite the many suppliers within the platform, we notice that we order a lot from the same supplier. We could introduce more variation ourselves. You often opt for the familiar and professional company. We find these professional and familiar values ​​in Prindustry too. They are nice, fun and social people to work with. ”


Growt, that’s what this entrepreneur is planning to do with DPN Rikken Print. “In our type of business, we mainly focus on scale and more disciplines. We want to grow with the customer.”

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