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Your webshop with printed matter by drop shipment

A webshop with printed matter via drop shipment gives you many advantages. As a reseller you can expand your own range or start with online sales without stock. Print producers offer their products white label, produce them for the reseller and send them directly to the end customer. Prindustry provides all software for the webshop. Discover more about the dropshipping of printed matter via the webshop and the reseller network of Prindustry.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a term in e-commerce. The drop shipment principle is a way of doing business between three parties: the webshop owner, the producer and the end customer. The webshop owner offers products in his webshop that the end customer can order. The webshop owner does not have the products in stock himself, but buys them from producers. The producer sends the products white label to the end customer. As a reseller you can easily start your webshop. The only essential factor is the purchase of the right online store software that connects all parties conveniently.

How can you use drop shipment for printed matter?

As a software developer, Prindustry offers a webshop with printed matter via drop shipment. With the WhiteLabelShop you are connected to a network of producers who offer their printed matter in the integrated marketplace in the webshop. As a reseller you choose which producer the order goes to. This producer then sends the product as a white label package to your customer. As a reseller of this webshop you only have to focus on online sales. The processing of the order rests entirely with the producer. You do not have to keep stock or have a printing company yourself, but you can present your customers a complete printing range. Flyers, brochures, business cards, coffee cups, flags, stickers or banners: it is all available in your own webshop. You choose which products you add. This can of course also be own products. The dropshipping products are white label, so you sell everything in your own name, with prices to end users that you determine yourself. A dropshipping webshop by Prindustry gives you a total solution for ordering printed matter, transferring orders and invoicing this.

Pros drop shipment

  • You don’t have to keep stock yourself.
  • You can expand your range with many products.
  • You only pay for the products that are ordered.
  • You can immediately start as an internet entrepreneur.
  • You do not need to have / do any production yourself.
  • You only need online store software.
  • You can focus on selling the products.
  • You can work anywhere in the world.
  • You don’t have to worry about the logistics process.
  • You often get a discount from the drop shipment manufacturer.
  • You don’t need staff.
  • You do not need commercial space.
  • You have more time for service to customers.
  • You can also sell your own products.
  • You determine the products and prices that you offer.
  • You can easily scale up your business.

Cons drop shipment

  • The drop shipment manufacturer also supplies its products to other resellers.
  • You have to trust that the producer makes and ships its products qualitatively.
Prindustry dropshipment

Online print network: cases resellers

There are already more than 200 Prindustry resellers with a white label online print webshop via drop shipment. Some resellers about their experiences:

Drukwerkonline: “Prindustry offers a printing web shop from one central system where you have the option to design it according to your own wishes. It is not an expensive, tailor-made webshop. You use existing technology that is focused on online print. With product information, orders, quotations, invoicing and accounting in one package. You don’t need any programming knowledge. We were greatly supported by Prindustry with all the (im) possibilities of the platform. The collaboration is extremely pleasant.”

Printing company Hoekstra: “We chose IT partner Prindustry, because they unite all the disciplines we wanted in a webshop. We put the entire range of printed matter in the webshop. From bags to packaging, complete with personalization with the integrated editor. The customer wants to be unburdened. For that you have to be a total supplier and offer everything.”

Xieoe: “I mainly used the webshop as a catalog to look at for customers. We use it ourselves for the backend to process orders. I am very happy with the far-reaching developments of this backend by software developer Prindustry. I see it less and less as a webshop and more and more as an extensive web-to-print platform with a frontend. However, it is precisely this frontend that is now being used well. Usually orders arrive by email, which is fine for us as we want to call them to make a personal contact moment. However, the current corona printing is well found and ordered online in the webshop.”

Copyshop IJsselstein: “We outsource 80 percent of our production work. This is perfectly possible through the WhiteLabelShop. This webshop allows you to offer products from print producers yourself. In this way, we now offer printed materials that we were not able to supply before. We are particularly interested in offering special printing options. Especially with mailings we notice that customers like to do something special. Like a mailing die-cut in a special shape or the use of a glossy varnish.

Copyshop IJsselstein

Online print network: case producers

There are dozens of print producers available in the Prindustry Marketplace. Resellers can outsource the print jobs by means of automated links in the webshop. Some partners about this connection:

Control Media: “The Prindustry platform is an interesting model where parties can buy at the source. There is no one else with such a linking mechanism to a marketplace platform. Prindustry is investing more and more in software development for this and that is necessary. I am convinced that there will be many more companies online that still order in the traditional way.”

Printdeal: “You can build a webshop yourself, but that costs a lot of time and money. Moreover, you can only offer your own products and you have to connect all items manually. With the platform of Prindustry there is immediately an operational webshop. It is for entrepreneurs with or without their own production. They can easily place an order at once. As a business owner, with this webshop you only have to focus on sales and marketing.”

Probo: “Prindustry provides a flexible system in which we can offer our range well. When you purchase a WhiteLabelShop from Prindustry, you can connect various assortments of suppliers, including ours. This is a major advantage in an industry where more and more companies are partially or fully relinquishing their own production. Probo offers a wide range of products in the marketplace in the backend of the WhiteLabelShop. Exhibition and presentation walls, canvases, photo on wood, textile frames, banners, flags or window stickers.”

Cartim Print: “WhiteLabelShop resellers find our strongest specializations as a choice in the marketplace: stapled and glued brochures. You get countless options in paper types and sizes. We see an upward trend in the connections and orders of these resellers. We guarantee fast delivery times, cheap prices and good quality. This way you can still earn good money as a reseller!”

Cartim logo

Want to be part of this online print reseller network? Please feel free to contact Prindustry for more information or an online demo of the system.


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