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Brand Automation Software

voor digital assets and print media

Brand Automation Software is less known than Marketing Automation Software, but is an important part of it. Brand owners who want a consistent appearance of all repetitive communications invest in Brand Automation Software. You create output in various formats for online media and offline printed matter with one central platform with advanced design templates.

Marketing Automation Software is used almost everywhere in the marketing world. It concerns the more effective organization of all communication activities with digital technologies and platforms. The goal is to communicate with customers in a targeted and structured way. An example is Email Marketing Software. You create, send, store and measure mailings in one online program. You also connect with other channels such as social media, websites or chat systems.

Brand Automation Software is also part of Marketing Automation. With Brand Automation Software you get a single source software tool to present all brand communications in the same corporate identity. There is one central cloud-based system in which all employees of the company can adjust the marketing materials within templates with fixed corporate identity elements.

Design template with offline and online output

Communications are often required in different formats. Within a template in an advanced branding software tool you can generate output in formats for digital or print media.

Such a template has a dynamic layout with highly advanced variables and detailed editing mechanisms for different types of images, regardless of channel, size or content. For online output you immediately generate the different formats for all the various social platforms from one template. An Instagram post has different dimensions than a banner for Facebook, Google or your website. You generate all the various images for online use in one go. For offline printing you will receive a print-ready PDF that can go into production immediately. Such as a printed business card, flyer, brochure, flag or roll-up banner.

The designed images are saved so that you can easily reuse them next time. Every company has to adapt the original designs for new expressions. With other texts, languages or images. Sometimes it’s a small change like a price adjustment and sometimes it’s a bigger one like a completely new theme. Usually, the design goes back to a designer who completely redesigns the files for the various online and offline outputs. With the right Brand Automation Software, the intervention of a designer is no longer necessary. (Marketing) employees can enter new text themselves on a poster, social media banner or business card. This without changing the set corporate identity elements and immediately with the option for all desired online and offline formats. In this way, the company can trust that all communications for the various channels have the same appearance. This makes the process for repetitive communications faster and cheaper.

All-in-one Brand Management Platform

Prindustry offers an all-in-one software package for every brand owner, small and big. The IT company provides automated SaaS solutions for managing and designing (print) communication products. The advanced online editor of CHILI publisher can be integrated within the extensive brand platform. The connection to print partners is special about this brand platform, or brand portal. You can purchase the designs for the offline printing directly at a print supplier. These can be your own suppliers or you choose from the many well-known suppliers that can be connected with the Online Print Marketplace of Prindustry. The core of Prindustry is connecting: as a facilitating software partner, they connect all desired products, partners and systems within one central single source platform. With a few clicks of the mouse, you as a brand owner can generate personalized content, which you can immediately publish or purchase.

All ins en outs in a white paper!

In the whitepaper ‘Brand portal – Organize the print management within your company’ you get an overview of all components that a contemporary brand platform must meet. From user management and file control to product management and the ordering process. Special attention is paid to the online editor and the procurement connections. There is a case study of the City of Antwerp, the Belgium government organization that has flexibly translated their procurement model for government communication digitally for all 120 urban organizations with brand portals. Smid Media Solutions purchases brand portals for its major customers, such as a childcare organization that wanted an online ordering system for brand communication for all locations. A trend report provides more insight into the current web-to-print market, with various trends in the field of software, print and marketing.

The white paper gives you as an organization useful guidelines for a more dynamic design of (print) communication management. Request it here and receive it in your mailbox for free!


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