White paper for organizations about online ordering and editing of brand communication

Table of contents

  • Print management situation within organizations
  • Components of a good brand portal
  • Component featured: the online editor
  • Components of a good brand portal supplier
  • Case study City of Antwerp
  • Case study Smid Media Solutions
  • IT partner Prindustry
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Print management within organizations

Communication is an important part of any organization. Digital communication and print communication go together. Even in this digital age, no company can do without print. A company needs business cards, brochures, annual reports, envelopes, stationery, flags or flyers. The point is to get the communication message to the right target group at the right time. This physical communication through printed matter must be high-quality, remarkable and / or delivered quickly. This means that the process behind print communication must be precisely coordinated.

Difficulty in printing procurement

At an organization, there are one or more employees who regularly purchase the printed matter. Ordering printed matter is no easy task. Numerous product options and suppliers are available. You also have to continuously adjust the printed matter for new communications. Someone has to create, manage and monitor the corporate identity. The internal organization of the creation and procurement of printed matter is often still a mess. Employees often spend a long time figuring out everything about creating and purchasing printed matter. And that in a time when everything can go automatically!

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Completely automated process with a brand portal

It is useful for companies to combine all communication activities in one online solution. A brand portal is such a solution for modern needs. This is an IT application for brand management and the communication and marketing processes. It is an advanced system for ordering all means of communication in the corporate identity of the company. With a brand portal, a company manages the processes centrally and employees can easily adjust and order products in their own corporate style.

The white paper

The white paper provides advice for modern print communications management for businesses. In the white paper you will find advice for the components that a good brand portal must meet. Then follows an overview of requirements that a good brand portal supplier must meet. There is a case study of the City of Antwerp, the government organization that has flexibly digitally translated their procurement model for government printing for all 120 urban organizations with brand portals. Smid Media Solutions in turn purchases brand portals for its major customers, such as a childcare organization that wanted an online ordering system for brand communication for all locations. The white paper gives you as an organization useful guidelines for the more dynamic design of (print) communication management online.