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With SEO and AdWords the right traffic to your webshop

You have a webshop, but few customers come to that webshop. How do you ensure that they visit your webshop and more importantly: order products?! You can achieve that with online marketing. Prindustry collaborates with online marketing agency Indenty to support WhiteLabelShop owners with promoting their webshop. Peter de Witte of Indenty points out: “You can not start a webshop without online marketing. Do you have non or hardly any customers in your webshop? Then it’s time to make sure that your right target audience is reached online in the right way with online marketing.”

Online marketing is still an abstract concept for some. It is simply the same as offline marketing: you promote your product or service, this time through online channels. In this case the online service is your webshop. The purpose of this webshop is usually to generate online customers. Peter: “It all starts with formulating this goal. You take a webshop for a reason. Only having a webshop is not a goal on itself, you want something from it. That goal is often that people buy your products online. Your goal must be concrete, otherwise you can never make it measurable. So you do not say: I want 1.000 visitors per month, but you consider what those visitors have to do. Your webshop must envision that goal. A webshop is an ordering system, so that should be immediately clear when the visitor comes to your website. For example, it may not be possible that the order button is not clearly visible.”

From goal to target

Determining your target group is the next step. Who are the desired visitors? “Do you make wedding cards, for example? Then your target group is young couples. It is known online where in the country these couples are located. You realize your desired goal of selling products by reaching this target group digitally. There are various online marketing tools for this. We focus on search engine marketing by reaching the target group via search engines like Google. We have put together two packages with Prindustry: Ads and SEO. AdWords is the paid advertising part of Google and SEO is about optimizing the position of your webshop in the search results.”

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Targeted audience with AdWords

The packages work well together, but can also be used independently of each other. “Both packages are about making you more visible in Google’s search results”, explains Peter. “With AdWords you can very closely approach your target group. The more specific the target group is that comes to your webshop, the more likely it is that they will order. So you do not focus on the masses here, but on a smaller group with relevant people. You pay with AdWords per user who clicks on the set ad in Google. The big advantage of AdWords is that after you go live, you immediately have a position on Google and get results.”

Rising in search results with SEO

SEO is all about the search engine optimization of your website. This is the result of websites in organic, unpaid search results in Google. “A longer trajectory is needed to rise into these organic results. Google looks at everything from the eyes of the user. When a website is user-friendly for this user, you will rise in the search results. Google evaluates this user-friendliness based on the loading speed, popularity, new content or security of the site.”

Results with online marketing

“For many entrepreneurs online marketing is a journey of discovery”, Peter concludes. “However, the use of AdWords and SEO always gives results. Even if you do not immediately get customers. What does not work, is also data. You then use this to select new keywords. It is a process. A process in which you certainly get results for more customers for your webshop!”


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