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The online print marketplace:
more than business cards and brochures

Flyers, business cards or roll-up banners; these are the well-known printed products that are frequently promoted and ordered via a print web shop. However, in the world of printed matter and sign, one can also find special printed creations. Prindustry highlights some of these unique print products.

As a WhiteLabelShop reseller you can link the mentioned products to your own webshop. The webshop is whitelabel, so you can sell everything under your own name, for a price that you decide. Through the Prindustry platform you can often get a discount from the suppliers who offer the products in the marketplace.

Prindustry doordruk

Selfcopy sets

Selfcopy sets come in various colours, glued or in blocks, with numbering, perforation and you can personalize them. “Selfcopy paper forms are easy to use and have many applications,” says Jurgen Blommaert, owner of Ecoprint.
In your WhiteLabelShop you can order this product at three suppliers: Drukwerkdeal, Reclameland and Ecoprint.

EnveloppenColoured envelopes

As a WhiteLabelShop user you can order coloured envelopes at Dortland and Van Beem. The envelope supplier produces the coloured assortment on their own machine. The envelopes come in various colours, such as Christmas green and red, baby blue and pink, yellow, royal blue, green or black. You can order small packages of 50 and larger packages.

RingbandRing binders

From supplier Den Hoed you can get a customized ring binder. Any desired size and design is possible and available from one copy. The ring binder can be completely personalized. This also applies to matching personalized tabs. The ring binders are available in a unique linen version or with embossing.

StatafelhoesBar table cover

With a printed bar table cover you can decorate a bar table appealingly. Supplier Di-Jet offers an all-over print on stretch 200 gram/m2, for tables with a diameter of 70 to 85 centimetres. It is also possible to order a printed top cover made of stretch, or a complete set with bar table and printed bar table cover.

WijndoosWine boxes

Are you looking for a promotional gift? Think of printed wine boxes! A good bottle of wine in an original, personalized packaging is especially a popular gift during the holidays. You can offer wine packaging by linking with suppliers Drukwerkdeal or Oblé. Oblé can also do the finishing with spot UV.

Siersema klantverhaalStraight flags

The classic straight flag is the most famous type of flag. These are almost always suitable for each flagpole. The straight flag is printed in silkscreen or digitally printed, in various sizes and with various delivery times. Eurovlag is a supplier specialized in straight flags. They also have flags in other variations, which Reclameland, Probo and Drukwerkdeal can also supply.

Stoeptegels bedruktSidewalk tiles

Do you want to give directions? Do you want to highlight something strikingly? Or do you want to give someone a ‘heavy’ gift? Design your own printed sidewalk tile! As a WhiteLabelShop user, you can order a sidewalk tile of 30 by 30 cm at supplier Gozi from one copy. Gozi gives examples of templates and delivers within 3 working days.


You can stand out as well with wallpaper with various prints. Examples of prints are a company logo, unique design or photo. Personalized wallpaper is available in various sizes and materials. Water-repellent, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, seamless… the possibilities are endless.
Wallpaper can be ordered at Den Hoed, Reclameland and Probo.

RaamstickerWindow stickers

Window stickers are the eye-catchers on shop windows or business buildings that you can use for promotions. There are printed window stickers on paper, on synthetic materials, double-sided, PVC-free, non-permanent without glue, translucent, in different sizes.
You can link with the assortments of window stickers from Van As and Reclameland.

Modular exhibition stands

Trade fairs are not complete without stand construction and Exposure Systems is the supplier for textile frames. Their M-series exhibition stand integrates various components from the existing product range, such as a LED display with a height of 3.5 meters, curved frames with Forex finish and the standard permanent frames with which a tower of 6 meters is composed. The system is hybrid, because it offers the possibility to process both banner and sheet material.

zitkubus krekelsSeat cube

A seat cube is an inviting promotional eye-catcher. The seat cube or pouffe has six sides with covers that can be printed. At supplier Krekels the covers are finished with a Velcro closure, so you can easily replace the covers with another print and wash them in a washing machine.
Note: the term cube block can also refer to the printed product paper blocks. These can be ordered from Easyprint and Reclameland.

Greeting cards

Personal greeting cards can be printed at Saxoprint and Flyeralarm. You can print them in different sizes and online designs with a designer. Various refinements are possible. Samples can also be ordered from both suppliers.

Bedrukte ballonnenBalloons

You can print balloons with your logo, company name or photo. They come in various colors, shapes and cross-sections. Giant balloons or heart balloons, for example, are popular at weddings. Special are the punch balloons that you can use as a punching bag. Often used for children as a giveaway.
Balloons are offered in the marketplace by Drukwerkdeal and of course by Ballondrukkerij!

Inpromo textielT-shirts and other textiles

You can also print textiles. With a logo for corporate clothing or simply personalize with a nice text to your liking. In the Prindustry marketplace, resellers can choose from T-shirts, polos, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, vests, shirts and much more textiles. In various colors and sizes.
Supplier Inpromo supplies most of the textile products, but Drukwerkdeal and Probo also offer some products in this category.

DigiPromotional gifts

TinyTony’s Chocolonely packages as a gift via the letterbox to colleagues, water bottles for new children at daycare or Prosecco with gold leaf as a promotional gift… these are just a few of the possibilities at Digi Promotions. Digi Promotions offers a wide range of printed promotional items.