White paper about customer loyalty with an order platform for communication

Table of contents:

  • Customer loyalty with order platform for all marketing materials
  • Components of a good customer portal
  • Component highlighted: the online editor
  • Component highlighted: procurement connections
  • Components of a good customer portal supplier
  • Testimonials various customer portals:
    Case studies City of Antwerp, Smid Media Solutions, Printing Company Concordia
  • IT partner Prindustry
Whitepaper customer brand portal
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Unite communication activities more effectively digitally

This white paper is for companies that develop creative expressions on behalf of customers. Print managers, advertising agencies or marketing organizations. You organize all kinds of communication activities for your customers. You have to create, manage and purchase the communication products, monitor the corporate identity and continuously adjust all kinds of small matters. A new text or orderdering new stock. Organizing this often takes a lot of time.

Ordering process brand portal

Flexible solution

There is an efficient solution for this. A solution that directly leads to a sustainable customer management. With an order platform for your customer, you ensure a fast and professional process for the (repetitive) communication expressions of your customer. Your customer will get an own web environment where, after logging in, he will find the marketing products they often need through you. Flyers, business cards or social media banners. All kinds of brand communication. The customer can easily make adjustments in predefined corporate identity templates for every marketing material and order the products (from you).