Whitepaper Brand Portal for the education sector

Improve your communication process!


Content paper:

  • Efficiency in your communication process
  • 4 tips to keep your communication rock solid
  • One central communication platform: The Brand Portal
  • Benefits Brand Portal for brand owners in the education sector
  • Features: possibilities of the Brand Portal
  • All in one platform: The Prindustry Brand Portal
  • Customer cases Prindustry Brand Portal
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Efficiency in the communication process

As a company you want to present yourself as a strong brand. You achieve such an optimal brand experience when you consistently make the right translation of the chosen corporate identity to all communication tools.

 However, creating, ordering and maintaining consistent brand communication is not easy…

  • There is no central system where the marketing staff can conveniently find, (re)use and order all communication materials.
  • There are several departments/locations that all customize or order communication materials in their own way.
  • A designer has to be assigned continuously to make adjustments to the communication materials.
  • Ordering printed materials is a difficult task. There are countless product options, production techniques and manufacturers available to choose from.
Editor Brand communications Brand Portal for the education industry

One central communication portal

It is useful for a brand owner to unite all activities related to communication materials in one online system. One ordering and creation platform for all locations. A platform with personal accounts for all employees, but all with the same tools and settings for the procurement and corporate identity.

A Brand Portal organizes brand management from an online portal. Everyone working on the brand can modify and use the materials. This is always done within formats with fixed frameworks for the corporate identity.