Reaching a larger market with a white label platform!

Content inspiration paper
for print suppliers:

  • The situation: Selling your products in the market
  • Various wishes for selling your products
  • The solution: Offer your product range white label in the Online Print Marketplace
  • Drop shipment process
  • Features: possibilities of the WhiteLabelShop
  • Customer cases: WhiteLabelShop solutions
  • Prindustry: a connecting software partner
UK demo webshop printed matter WhiteLabelShop

The situation

As a producer of printed matter you want to sell your products well. That can be done in different ways. You can sell them to printers, resellers or end customers. The latter is not often chosen, because it takes a lot of time and energy to target directly on the end user. The choice is more often made to sell through intermediaries. Printers, print managers or resellers. They have the knowledge to sell your products exactly the right way. Whichever way you choose, it is important for you to end up with as many suitable points of sale as possible for your products.

To sell your products you have one or more of the following wishes:

  • You want to reach a large(er) market.
  • You want to sell your products (also) through resellers.
  • You produce niche printed matter and want to market your product more widely.
  • You want to offer white label webshops to your resellers with your product range.
  • You need an IT partner with knowledge of the complex graphics market to translate your online product range.
Producten whitelabel webshop e-commerce

The solution

Prindustry offers a flexible solution that unites all these needs in one digital procurement and sales platform. Prindustry’s WhiteLabelShop offers a web-to-print platform with an integrated Online Print Marketplace in which graphic suppliers offer their products to resellers. Products that the resellers can resell online themselves in their WhiteLabelShop.
As a supplier you reach a large target group that can buy and sell your products by means of this Online Print Marketplace. With a minimal investment you can expand your sales market in one go.
Many well-known print suppliers have already joined the Prindustry Marketplace, such as Probo, Control Media, Dortland & Van Beem, Inpromo, Zig Zag Forms, Oblé, Saxoprint, or Digi Promotions. The products are selected based on the cheapest price, the most special or best product or the ones with the fastest delivery time. The Marketplace is an online print community. It brings resellers, suppliers and customers together. It is becoming easier for companies in the print media chain to do business with each other.