Whitepaper WhiteLabelShop for print producers

Reaching a larger market with a whitelabel platform!


Content eBook:

  • Selling printed products as a producer: As many points of sale as possible
  • Challenges in selling your products: Set clear ojectives
  • Whitelabel sales solution: Offer a whitelabel assortment digitally
  • Whitelabel producer connection: Unique products and a good API
  • Basic principle of whitelabel sales: E-commerce dropshipping
  • Selling successfully online: The Prindustry WhiteLabelShop
  • WhiteLabelShop Features.
  • Customer Case Studies: WhiteLabelShop solutions
  • Prindustry: a connecting software partner
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Selling printed material as a producer

As a producer of printed materials, you want to sell your products as well and as much as possible. However, selling does not happen by itself.

Consider carefully which target group and which objectives you have in mind.

Do you want a larger sales market? Also online? Do you want to develop a platform yourself or via a software developer? And does this IT partner need knowledge of all those complicated graphic processes, the product structure, quantity and price calculations?

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Whitelabel sales solution

The WhiteLabelShop is a webshop that allows resellers to sell and purchase whitelabel printing products.

The WhiteLabelShop has an integrated Marketplace where print producers can offer their products to resellers. Resellers can resell these products through their own webshop.

For companies in the graphic chain it becomes easier to do business with each other. Resellers and producers get an easy way to sell and buy products online.