Whitepaper: WhiteLabelShop for online print

Find out how to best sell print products online. In this informative ebook you will read about new models for selling print, the benefits of online channels and a questionnaire to identify your needs for online sales. Including all the features of Prindustry's webshop software specifically focused on print; the WhiteLabelShop.


Content whitepaper:

  • Offer printed matter online
  • Challenges in online print
  • Web2print webshop solution
  • Webshop software for print: The WhiteLabelShop
  • WhiteLabelShop solution for these entrepeneurs
  • Features: possibilities of the WhiteLabelShop
  • Alle-in-one print webshop: the Prindustry WhiteLabelShop
  • Customer cases: WhiteLabelShop
  • Prindustry: a connecting software partner

The foundations of your online printing business

To create a webshop with print, you need software. Software is the foundation of any webportal.

Online print – or web2print – software is there for all the processes required to generate and order printed materials online. The software must be able to translate the complex graphic ordering process from online to print, because print is a manufactured product that has yet to go into production. In the ordering process, for example, you have to deal with price or scale calculations and repetitive orders.

It is advisable to carefully map out all the requirements for a print shop before you start. What is your preferred order flow? Do you want a quotation module and design templates? Are system integrations needed? Would you like to decide yourself to whom every order is going?

Solution specifically for online printing

To fulfil all these wishes, good web2print software is needed. There are many providers of webshop software, but only a few specialise in webshop software for web2print.

A WhiteLabelShop is a webshop specifically for the online sales and procurement of graphic products. The webshop is a ready-to-use concept that you can customise with your own corporate identity, products and prices.

You can expand your offer with countless graphic products through connections with external print partners. A Marketplace brings resellers and suppliers together and makes it easier for companies to do business together online.

You manage the webshop from one central web2print platform, with modules for orders, quotations, invoicing, accounting, stock, payment systems or online editing.