White paper about selling print online

Table of contents:

  • Offer printing digitally
  • Components online print web shop: the WhiteLabelShop
  • Featured: Online editors
  • Featured: Procurement connections
  • In summary: When to (not) choose a WhiteLabelShop
  • Customer case Ricard Printing
  • Partner case Control Media
  • Your IT partner Prindustry
WhiteLabelShop visitekaartje voorbeeld

Offer printed matter digitally

With an online print shop, you can reach a large sales market. More and more customers orient themselves online for a purchase. Also for printed matter. The step to actually order online depends on a few factors. The web shop must be user-friendly. Customers want an easy way to order and pay and clear delivery arrangements. They prefer to choose from an extensive range, with many product variations and clarifying images.

The great challenge

Although print web shops should be like all other web shops, there is a substantial difference. The order in a print shop still has to be produced. Where an Amazon has a warehouse with the products offered in the web shop in stock , a business card, flyer or flag still needs to go in production. Customers of an online print shop order a personalized manufacturing product. A product with many variables, such as size, paper type, or laminating options. Although this product still has to be made, customers also expect fast delivery here, with good quality and perfect service. This means that the process behind a graphic web shop must be carefully coordinated.

Demosite WhiteLabelShop

The flexible solution

Prindustry has translated this complex graphic ordering process into a flexible system.

With a web shop by Prindustry you get the opportunity to present countless graphic products in various product options to your customers online. You can expand your own range through connections with Prindustry partners or simply start online sales and procurement without your own stock. An order can go straight into production. This connection is unprecedented and absolutely unique to the Prindustry system.

The online print shop is a fully automated solution for ordering printed matter, making quotations, forwarding orders and invoicing. The web shop is white label, so you sell everything under your own name, with prices to end users that you determine yourself.