With a WhiteLabelShop from Prindustry you can quickly put a webshop on the market where your customers can order printed matter online. Convenience comes first with an automated buying and selling platform. IT company Prindustry supplies an all-in-one software package for the sales and procurement of printed communication.

The white label webshop in a nutshell

A WhiteLabelShop is an online printing shop with an extensive web-to-print platform. As the owner of this webshop you are completely in control of the daily management. You choose what your webshop looks like and which print media products you offer in it. There is a central system with everything you need for orders, quotations, invoicing, accounting, product information, stock and payment systems. Prindustry is a facilitating partner that connects all desired products, partners and systems for you. The WhiteLabelShop offers access to a unique online print marketplace where print media specialists offer their print products. You choose which products from the marketplace you sell in your webshop. This can be white label, so with your own company name, with prices to end customers that you determine. Of course you can also sell your own products.

WhiteLabelShop Your own webshop print online

A unique marketplace


White label in your own look & feel

We call the Prindustry webshop a WhiteLabelShop. It is a blank webshop that you can design with your own company colors, logo and banner. You will receive a ready-to-use print webshop that you can set up yourself. When you order a product from an affiliated printing partner, this order will be shipped to your customer as a white label package. You can also set your own company as the sender. Customers know no better than that they buy from your company.

Connect all desired products

Prindustry’s WhiteLabelShop allows you to add your own products as well as those from other printmedia suppliers. You choose what you want to offer in your webshop and add the products as desired. You determine the selling prices yourself.

Complete system for buying and selling

The WhiteLabelShop is a fully automated SaaS solution for ordering printed matter, making quotations, transferring orders and invoicing. In the backend of the webshop you have a complete overview of the order flow, quotations, customers and invoices. Per customer you can set specific settings for discounts, prices, shipping method, payment method or visibility of products. With the management reports you have all the statistics about the orders. It is a central procurement platform, sales system and webshop in one.

An online marketplace

The webshop provides a connection to a marketplace with more than a million printed matter. These products offer affiliated suppliers within the platform behind the webshop. For example, you can choose from business cards, labels, roll-up banners, posters, banners, stickers, brochures, flags, flyers, coffee cups, textiles, envelopes, presentation walls, promotional items – and this in countless variants. You can sell these products in your shop and outsource the assignments to the producers. The Prindustry marketplace is only visible to you as a webshop owner.

Greater reach thanks to printing partners

The connection with print producers gives you the opportunity to present a large assortment to your customers. You can make a connection with the best suppliers in the market. You often get a discount from these suppliers through the Prindustry platform. If you are already a customer of a supplier, you continue on the same client account with the same price agreements. These suppliers deliver their products mostly within Dutch and Belgium borders. We can also establish connections for resellers from other countries. For example with Saxoprint or Probo.

Determine everything yourself

Product options portal

Automation of complex ordering process

An order in an online print shop has yet to go into production. It is a manufacturing product with many variables, such as size, paper type or laminating options. Your customers expect good quality and fast delivery. This means that the process behind a print webshop must be very carefully coordinated.

Prindustry has translated the many print media product options into a flexible system. In a WhiteLabelShop, the customer can easily choose from the many printing options. With a flyer, for example, there are choices for format, material, weight, printing, finish, printing method or print runs. After this selection you immediately see when the product can be delivered and what the costs are. In addition, you can personalize the product before ordering it. The order goes into production immediately. You can automatically transfer the order or manually determine who the order will go to. It can be sent to your own printing company or to one of the many suppliers from the marketplace.

Low risk, many benefits

The WhiteLabelShop gives you many advantages. You can expand your own range and start with online sales without stock. This accessible way of doing business is called dropshipping in e-commerce. Suppliers offer their their products white label, produce them for the reseller and ship them directly to the end customer. The financial risk for a reseller is low. You only pay the supplier when you have sold something to your customer.

Prindustry provides all software for your webshop. As the owner of a WhiteLabelShop you are completely in control of the management, with the online offer and your own design. You can go live quickly with the webshop and do not have to worry about safety and functioning. Specialized developers at Prindustry develop the best codes and integrate all programs. With a WhiteLabelShop you are connected in one go to a network with various partners, products and systems. Prindustry is an IT partner with knowledge of the complicated print media market. You don’t see that combination anywhere else.

UK Dropshipment printed matter

Connecting everything


Design, accounting, payments

In a good print webshop, the end customer can personalize the product before ordering it via an integrated online editor. After choosing a product in your webshop, your customer can choose to create their own design and personalize the product before placing the order. The WhiteLabelShop from Prindustry can be integrated with online editors such as PitchPrint and CHILI Publisher.
CHILI Publisher is a more advanced editor with which you can design within corporate identity templates and PitchPrint is an editor with which you can edit templates.
PitchPrint is primarily an accessible editor for consumers. They can easily change texts and images within a template themselves. They can personalize a product within seconds. The final product is a suitable high-resolution PDF.

You can purchase Preflight for the file check. The CardGate module offers various payment methods, such as iDeal, PayPal, VISA / Mastercard or Bancontact. We also connect various specialized systems such as financial programs or ERP solutions. There are packages with AdWords and SEO available to use in the online marketing of your webshop.

PitchPrint editor
Prindustry webportal

Connecting with a brand portal or customer portal

The WhiteLabelShop is the most famous application of the Prindustry software: a web2print webshop with a reseller network where end customers can choose from a huge range of print media products. This webshop can be connected to a brand portal. A brand portal is a web portal with a login for companies. In this brand portal, employees of a company can manage, adjust and order their own brand communication.

A brand portal is also available as a customer portal with the corporate identity communication of your customer. You can also get a customer account in your own WhiteLabelShop for your customer with his own printed matter. Your customer can log in from your webshop and then find the products they often order with you. The workflow for ordering these products is completely automated. A customer portal will provide you with a sustainable customer relationship. If you arrange everything for your customer with the most modern technologies, he will not quickly switch to another!

Customer stories


Marcel Haumann

“Prindustry offers a printed matter webshop that you can design according to your own wishes. It is not an expensive, tailor-made webshop. You use technology that is focused on print products. With product information, orders, quotations, invoicing and accounting in one package. You don't need any programming knowledge. The collaboration is extremely pleasant."

Ynze Hoekstra
Printing company Hoekstra

“We chose IT partner Prindustry because they unite all the disciplines we wanted in a webshop. We put the entire range of printed matter in the webshop. From bags to packaging, complete with personalization with an integrated editor. The customer wants to be unburdened. For that you have to be a total supplier and offer everything."

Patrick Smits
Copyshop IJsselstein

“We outsource 80 percent of our production work. This is perfectly possible via the white label webshop. With this webshop you can offer products from other manufacturers yourself. For example, we now offer printed matter that we could not deliver before. We are especially looking for the special printing options. Especially with shipping materials, we notice that customers want to do something special."

Gaston van Hout
Gaston Print

“I mainly use the order system in the backend of the webshop to purchase all kinds of printed matter from affiliated print suppliers. The webshop itself is mainly a showcase for me to let customers call. That personal contact is also what Gaston Print is all about. As a self-employed person, I have more time for the front end of the order process."

Info or demo?


Don’t choose for a Prindustry webshop if…

  • you don’t need an expansion of your (BeNeLux) market.
  • you don’t want to offer a broader range of printing products to your customers.
  • you want to program yourself and develop your own webshop.
  • you don’t want to be part of an online print network.

Choose for a Prindustry webshop if…

  • you want to go live quickly.
  • you don’t want to worry about the safety and functioning of your webshop.
  • you want specialized developers to develop the best codes, integrate programs and stay informed of all software developments for you.
  • you want to be in control of the management of the shop.
  • you want an IT partner with knowledge of the complex online print market.

Accessible starting rate

With our WhiteLabelShop solution you have a cheap and accessible way to start your own webshop printing company online. The basic package with a standard webshop starts from 2.475 euros. You pay 225 euros a month for hosting and maintenance.

We love to connect!

Prindustry is an IT company with a specialization in building webportals for print communication with a central purchasing and ordering system. With years of experience in this area, Prindustry can advise companies about their online strategy for communication purchasing, creation of print products and technological innovations. Prindustry facilitates the print management processes for you, you are in control of all decisions!

We will be happy to talk to you about your own webportal!

Prindustry connects

Enrich your knowledge


Sell printed matter online with the WhiteLabelShop

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