With a webshop from Prindustry you can start an online webshop where your customers can order print communication products.

Marketplace with print products

Prindustry offers you a webshop with a connection to a marketplace with more than one million graphic products. These products come from affiliated suppliers within the platform behind the webshop. You can choose from printed matter such as business cards, labels, brochures, flyers, beach flags, coffee cups, envelopes or sign – and this in countless variations. You add the desired products in your webshop. Of course you can also add your own products.


The webshop of Prindustry is a WhiteLabelShop. We deliver a webshop that you can design with your own colors, logo and banner. The order in your webshop goes to your chosen supplier. This supplier sends the order as a white label package to your customer. You can also set up your own company as the sender.

WhiteLabelShop UK

A unique marketplace

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Complete system for buying and selling

The WhiteLabelShop is a central purchasing and sales system, automated order system and webshop. In the backend behind the webshop you have a complete overview of the order flow, customers and invoices. You can set up specific settings for each customer for discounts, prices, shipping method, payment method or visibility of products. With the management reports you have all the statistics about the orders.

Connection suppliers

The link with suppliers gives you the opportunity to present a large assortment to your customers. You can make a connection with the best suppliers in the market. You often get a discount from these suppliers through the Prindustry platform. If you are already a customer of a supplier, you continue on the same client account with the same price agreements.

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Everything can be integrated!

Integration with online editors such as CHILI Publish and PitchPrint is possible. This allows your customers to easily create products themselves. Preflight can be purchased for your file check. There are also packages with AdWords and SEO available to use for the marketing of your webshop.

Many benefits

The WhiteLabelShop gives you many benefits. You can expand your own assortment and start online sales without stock. Little investment is needed for this webshop. As a reseller you only have to focus on sales. The processing of the order lies entirely with the supplier. The management system is there for you to make your life easier. With a WhiteLabelShop you, as a reseller, have complete control. You get your own webshop that you can adjust to your needs.

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Customer cases

Prindustry connects

A portal with various applications

The WhiteLabelShop is the most famous application of the Prindustry platform: a webshop for resellers where customers can choose from a huge range of graphical products. This webshop can be connected to a brandportal for managing and creating all products. With a brandportal you have all corporate identity products of your customer or organization in one automated system.

We love to connect!

Prindustry is an IT company with a specialization in building webportals for print communication with a central purchasing and ordering system. With years of experience in this area, Prindustry can advise companies about their online strategy for communication purchasing, creation of graphic products and technological innovations. Prindustry facilitates the print management processes for you, you are in control of all decisions!

We will be happy to talk to you about your own webportal!