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Online design tool in the brand portal

  • Customisation of communication with corporate identity control
  • Ideal for integration in the Prindustry brand portal and customer portal
  • Print output: print-ready file
  • Social media output: dynamic formats

CHILI publisher is an online editor that allows you to personalise marketing materials within templates with your own corporate identity. Prindustry integrates this editor within brand portals, enabling companies to not only personalise their communications conveniently online, but also to immediately order them!

On-brand communication

With CHILI, companies can present their brand strongly and consistently. Within the editor you can create on-brand visual communication materials within smart templates. The brand components are fixed. For example, the corporate identity colour of a brand like Coca Cola is always the same red colour. All different employees from all over the world can quickly modify communication materials within the right look and feel. The software is all about simplifying and shortening the design process.

Flexible user interface

The interface is fully adaptable to the needs and knowledge of the user(s). Basic for a consumer application, advanced for a professional user. Adjust a text, add a new photo, load new variable data… in CHILI publisher you can personalise your communication yourself and in a matter of seconds!

Corporate identity monitoring

In the editor, you can design within corporate identity templates. This means that brand elements such as colour, font or logo are fixed within the templates. Within these fixed components you can vary with images and texts. The image above shows an example of a design with the variable input fields on the left.

Dynamic smart templates

A template in an advanced design tool can generate output in formats for digital and print media. CHILI works with so-called smart templates. A single smart template can generate many different formats simultaneously. All created designs are automatically saved, so that they can be easily reused and adapted the next time.

Print output: print-ready file

For offline printed matter, you receive a print-ready PDF that can go into production immediately. A business card, brochure, flag or banner. The PDF is sent to the affiliated print producers through automated connections in the brand portal.

Online output: various formats

Online communication items are often required in various formats. A banner, post or story for Facebook has different dimensions and requirements than Instagram or LinkedIn. The editor can generate the various formats for all the different social platforms from one template. You can download the images directly and add them to the social media accounts.

Adobe plugin

A large part of the design work is most certainly done in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator. These files can be exported directly to CHILI from the Adobe environment. You can also create a document in CHILI based on other sources, such as a blank document, PDF or XML.

Reuse and edit

All designs are saved so they can be easily reused the next time. The original design is often adapted. A different text, date, language or image. Employees can make the changes themselves while retaining the set branding elements. In this way, the company can be confident that all communications for the various communication channels remain in the same look and feel.

3D preview

With CHILI’s 3D visualisation you get a real-life impression of what the modified file will look like in reality. You get immediate warnings for possible problems.

CHILI and Prindustry

The CHILI editor integrates into the Prindustry brand portal and customer portal. CHILI conveniently links smart data to smart templates and provides a print-ready output such as a PDF. Prindustry takes care of the rest. We connect the PDF to print partners and production. Of course Prindustry helps you to set up the editor with predefined corporate identity templates. We can regulate what users are allowed to manage, change and order.

Editor CHILI Businesscard
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