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Smart corporate identity templates

  • B2B
  • Corporate identity monitoring
  • Useful for brandportals and customer portals
  • Optimizing customer loyalty

CHILI publisher is an online document editor that easily integrates into the workflow of the Prindustry platform. The editor offers powerful formatting options. CHILI Publisher fits perfectly in applications for web-to-print, brand management, magazines or a webshop for greeting cards. The editor works with so-called smart templates. A single smart template can generate many different sizes at once. The smart corporate identity templates help streamline and optimize the layout of marketing materials.

Flexible user environment

The user interface is fully customizable to everybody’s needs and knowledge of DTP. It’s simple for a consumer application and advanced for a professional customer. Editing a text, adding a new photo, loading new variable data… in CHILI publisher the customer can do it himself!

Corporate identity monitoring

Corporate identity monitoring is guaranteed. Corporate identity components such as color, font or logo are fixed in the templates. Within these fixed elements you can vary with new images and texts. One layout can be reused and adapted in different formats.

Different formats

Artwork is often required in different sizes. Within one template you can generate output in different final formats. This is great for online use: depending on delivery platform, banners can be automatically created in specific sizes for specific channels and platforms. For example, from one smart template you get dozens of Google Display formats and formats for social media.

Become channel-independent

Turn your digital assets into graphic assets for print, digital or social. One central platform is all it takes to templatize and edit graphic assets into omnichannel output. Lower your creative up-costs by decentralizing coordination. Instead, increase your ROI by reclaiming control from the start. Limited freedom, endless creativity – that’s how you become channel-independent

Adobe plugin

Much of the design is undoubtedly done in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator. These documents can be exported directly to CHILI from the familiar Adobe environment. The plugin ensures a smooth conversion to the online CHILI environment. You can also create a document in CHILI from other sources, such as a blank document, a PDF or XML.

3D preview

With the 3D visualization of CHILI you get a lifelike picture of what the modified document will look like in reality. Live preflighting warnings and reports warn you of any potential problems. The output is a print-ready PDF or image.

CHILI and Prindustry

The online editor of CHILI can be integrated with a Prindustry whitelabel webshopbrand portal or customer portal. CHILI connects smart data to smart templates and provides a print-ready output such as a PDF. Prindustry does the rest. Prindustry links the PDF to print partners and production. The system is easy to use by customers, especially if you organize everything correctly. Prindustry helps you prepare this with predefined corporate identity templates. You can adjust what your customers can and cannot manage and adjust. Prindustry provides training to get started with this advanced editor.

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