WhiteLabelShop PLUS

Scale up your WhiteLabelShop to a PLUS version with modules that make the difference for your customers. Commit now to lasting customer relationships.

PLUS modules

Decide which modules you need to create the best workflow. For you and for your customers. Some options are:

Customer accounts

Create accounts for customers with specific settings.

Budget control

Customer is given budget to spend on products in their account.

Stock management

Show the available stock of certain products to your customer.


Lend products to your customers through the webshop!

Brand templates

Modifications to designs are done within templates with corporate identity frameworks.

Media Manager

Manage files, templates, videos or data files from one storage location.

Link database

Connect a database of customer data to a template for a direct mailing.

API connections

Integrate your shop with MIS/ERP systems or financial software for an optimal work process.

Saving files in Media Manager

In this storage hub, you manage files, templates, videos or data from a single location. For example, the Media Manager is used by one customer to store fixed production files from end customers, but another customer uses it again for downloadable products such as videos and PDFs.

Allocating budgets

You can assign a specific budget to each customer once you have given them their own account. This is done through a wallet module. For each user, you decide exactly how much they might spend. He or she then gets to spend this budget on printing or other communication products within their own account.

Multiple storefronts

Our platform allows you to manage several storefronts from the same backend. Ideal for setting up various customer accounts with their own branding or with specific language and country settings. Each storefront has a unique URL, while you benefit from one central management system.

Display stock

The system can track and display real-time available inventory of certain products. Customers immediately see what they can order. Reorders are possible. Choose from a variety of selectors. Internal stock can be given its own location so that order picking from its own job ticket is also done with ease.

Loaning and reserving products

The reservation module works in conjunction with the stock module. The reservation module allows you to lend products to users in the webshop. Think of promotional items, exhibitions stands or other communication products that you keep in storage. You have the option of linking a rental price to this.

Direct Mailings

Create a mailing that is linkable to an address file. With an uploaded address list, you are able to create a printed mailing in one go. You generate one PDF containing all files with individual address information.

Link your accounting

There are several plugins to connect for accounting management. Afas, Twinfield, Gripp, Exact or King. Export your invoices directly to your own accounting environment.

Product personalization

A WhiteLabelShop offers integration to the editors of CHILI publisher and PitchPrint. Open formatting is possible in both editors. For completely free markups, the PitchPrint editor is more suitable. The editors can be used independently (and interchangeably) in the platform.

Variable formatting

The link with the CHILI editor allows for variable adjustments in your communication products. Certain branding elements are defined in the templates for each (print) communication. The customer is able to adjust several options, depending of course on the settings the webshop owner/administrator turns on or off per user. You could, for example, specify a title of up to 2 lines of text. The block scales automatically. Ready? Save and continue. The design is ready with the product in the shopping cart.

PLUS modules for your WhiteLabelShop?

We understand the unique challenges of graphic resellers. Our software is based on years of experience in the graphic media industry. We are happy to discuss this with you.

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