Brand Portal for Business Services

Take control of all communications with one marketing hub.
Communication always in the corporate identity.
Customized portal with all system integrations for brand and order management.


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Connecting communications and stakeholders

The Brandportal is of interest to the business service provider with...

many communications

Online and offline assets come together in one marketing resource. Users work with the same guidelines, so the output always matches the core values.

uniform branding

Users customize designs for marketing themselves on a few variables within templates in which the corporate identity elements are locked.

many sites

Users have access to the portal from any device, any location and at any time. You can associate various roles and permissions per account.

repetitive marketing

Only one design needs to be created. Then the material can be modified/localized for each new campaign. All files are saved for reuse.

Brand editor and webshop

With a Brand Portal, frequently used brand identity files are quickly and easily available. Users compose, design, publish, download or order communication materials online in the integrated webshop.

With the corporate identity editor, employees generate new personalized communications themselves using brand templates. This ensures consistent branded content for local marketing.

Print materials are easy to order, possibly linked to a certain budget per user. There is a webshop for print media such as stationery, brochures or promotional gifts, including a comprehensive management system for the order flow, invoicing, quotations and connections to other systems.


Scalable platform in the cloud

Prindustry provides various industries with the best suited communication software. We offer automated brand and procurement solutions for retail, hospitality, construction or childcare, for example. The IT solution is always a stable, permanently available communication platform in the cloud. It works on any device and at any time. Per user, different settings are assigned by a master administrator.

The flexible IT platform evolves with a company’s needs. Therefore, costs scale with growth or shrinkage. The same applies to modules; you add more functionalities to the Brand Portal as needed. API connections to payment modules, product information and print producers are available as standard.

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