A Brand Portal for Business Services

Take control of all communications with one marketing hub. Always in the corporate identity.

Marketing needs of a business service provider

As a business service provider, you provide a service from a variety of fields. These may include tax consultancies, landscapers, cleaners or security companies. The competition for contracts is often fierce. As a business service provider, it is therefore important to distinguish yourself by choosing a target group and then reaching them with the right marketing.

Common marketing tools include brochures, product flyers or direct mail. But often many variants of these are present, used randomly by employees. Proper marketing direction is lacking, which prevents optimal results.

To get the most out of marketing, it’s important that every employee has the right marketing materials and uses the same corporate identity.

Marketing solution featuring webshop for corporate identity printing

With a Brand Portal, commonly used corporate identity documents can be made available easily. Users can compose communication materials, design online, publish, download or order them in the integrated webshop.

From one central hub, this gives quick and easy control over the various marketing communications. All different locations and materials are linked together. Employees generate new personalized communications themselves based on branded templates. This ensures consistent branded content for local use. Corporate identity print materials can easily be ordered with a local budget. Think of print products like stationery, brochures or corporate gifts.


The Brandportal is of interest to the business service provider with...

many communications

A single marketing source makes it possible to manage, modify and order all communications quickly and without errors.

uniform branding

Employees customize the expressions in the templates themselves. The elements of corporate identity are locked in.

many sites

Platform users can access all (print) communications from any device, any location and at any time.

repetitive marketing

Only one design needs to be created. After that, the material can be localized for each new campaign.

A scalable communication platform in the cloud

Prindustry supports various industries with the best suited communication software. For example, we offer automated solutions for retail, hospitality, construction or childcare. The IT solution is a continuously stable, permanently available communication platform in the cloud. It works on any device and at any time. Various settings can be assigned per user by a main administrator.

As a flexible IT solution, it evolves with a company’s needs. Costs thus scale with growth or shrinkage. The same goes for modules; you add more functionality as needed. API connections to payment modules, product info and print producers are available as standard.

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