WhiteLabelShop for print producers

Every Prindustry webshop has a marketplace in which graphic producers can offer their print products to resellers. Hundreds of resellers can resell these products whitelabel by selling them through their WhiteLabelShop.


Whitelabel sales solution

There is a flexible solution that unites all challenges in one digital platform.

Prindustry’s whitelabel webshop offers a web-to-print platform with an integrated Marketplace in which graphic producers can offer their print products to resellers. Resellers can resell these articles through their WhiteLabelShop.

As a supplier you reach a larger target group that can buy and sell your printed materials through the Marketplace. With a minimal investment you increase your sales market at once.

The Marketplace is an online print community. It does nothing more than bring resellers and suppliers together. It makes it easier for companies in the print media chain to do business with each other.

When you purchase a WhiteLabelShop from Prindustry, you can link several supplier assortments, including ours. In an industry where more and more companies are outsourcing part or all of their own production, this is a great advantage. Resellers connect an assortment to their own webshop to resell these products whitelabel.

Samuel MostardProbo

Whitelabel connection

Many well-known graphic suppliers are already connected to the Prindustry Marketplace. Probo, Control Media, Inpromo or Print.com.

There are some conditions to join the platform. Products are selected based on the cheapest price, the most special product or the one with the fastest delivery time.

Furthermore, the producer must be able to provide a good connection for exchanging your assortments, such as an API. With an API Prindustry connects between the assortment of an external print supplier and the online print shop.

There should also be white label (unbranded) images and shipping packages.


Principle whitelabel sales

The Marketplace’s method of operation is based on dropshipment. This is a way of doing business between three parties: the producer, webshop owner and customer.

The webshop owner (‘reseller’) offers products in the webshop that the customer can order. He does not need to stock or produce them himself, but can buy them from producers. The producer sends the printed matter whitelabeled to the customer.

The reseller only has to focus on online sales. They can do this with a comprehensive print offer. The processing of the order is the responsibility of the producer.

Resellers and producers will have an easy way for online print sales. The only essential factor is the acquisition of the right software that conveniently connects all parties. And in this respect Prindustry is the software expert!

The Prindustry platform is an interesting model where parties can buy from the source. There is no one else with such a connection mechanism to a marketplace platform. Prindustry is investing more and more in innovative software development, and that's necessary. I am convinced that many more companies will join us online that are currently still ordering in the traditional way.

Leon van NunenControl Media

Selling successfully online:
The WhiteLabelShop

Prindustry’s WhiteLabelShop is an online print shop with a comprehensive ordering and procurement platform. Complete with quantity tables, price calculations and product composition. The software offers everything around print orders. There are modules for quotations, invoicing, accounting, stock and payments.

The WhiteLabelShop provides a Marketplace where graphic media producers can offer their printing whitelabel. Resellers get the opportunity to present a large graphic assortment to their end customers. Producers have the opportunity to sell their graphic offering to hundreds of resellers through the Marketplace.

The WhiteLabelShop connects to various partners and systems. A design editor, the order administration, ERP or financial software and printing companies. An order can go directly into production through the automated procurement connections.


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