Webshop customer modules

Discover the power of customer-centric webshop modules. Strengthen relationships with regular customers by offering them their own customer account. Expand your target audience reach with different storefronts.


Customer modules in the Prindustry platform:

Own account: Login on customer group level

You can organize a personal login from the webshop for each customer group. You can set up colors, logos and the homepage customer-specific.
A simple and quick way of customer bonding.

Own web environment: Storefront per customer

You can set up a completely new frontend for a customer with its own URL. This frontend is connected to your central backend management system.
A more professional step for a personal customer environment.

Account with customer group

A webshop like the WhiteLabelShop offers so many more possibilities than just using it as a shop for the sale of print products. You can distinguish yourself by offering personalized options within your webshop.

You can give (certain) customers their own customer login from within your WhiteLabelShop. Your customer can find, customize and order their own printed materials here. As the owner of the WhiteLabelShop, you are in control. For example, you decide what your customer sees in his account and to whom the orders go.

More options for your customer are provided with a Brand Portal that we refer to here as a Customer Portal. This is also a web portal with a login, but this is a more extensive brand platform specifically for the corporate identity management of customer communications.


Prindustry has developed customer accounts in the Sutter webshop with specific print management modules. Our sales managers go to clients to collect their printed matter. We convert these printed materials into designs in the customer's branding. These designs are made available free of charge in the customer's own account. For each product a preview of the design can be viewed. This preview is in low resolution and not downloadable in PDF, so the customer will not order it elsewhere. For each product the customer can select which he does or does not want. With all print products a quotation is proposed. Within a few clicks the customer orders the desired products. All product info is saved. The client can easily see the selected products and re-order them.

Bernhard LüdersSutter Telefonbuchverlag

Storefront for various customer experiences

You can have multiple storefronts from your webshop. A storefront is the front end of a website. The front of your webshop is a crucial aspect for your online success. With a user-friendly and attractive storefront, you increase your sales opportunities.

You can increase these possibilities by setting up a storefront customer-specific. Your customer can get a webshop in his own company image from your system. You can add pages tailored to the customer or set up specific settings for languages, countries or billing environment.

You can also use an additional storefront for a second webshop, for example with a different assortment. Or you deploy a new storefront to market a different brand and reach a new target group.

A new storefront gets its own URL, but you can use the backend platform of your current WhiteLabelShop. All settings will remain in place for your new storefront. A smart and inexpensive way to scale up.

We approach the B2B and private market with various websites. For example, we have storefronts with URLs such as Ballondrukkerij.nl, Bedrukjeballon.nl or Drukinprint.nl. With Drukinprint.nl we will further explore the consumer market. Besides our own balloons we will also sell other printed products from print suppliers in the Prindustry marketplace. The basis for each customer group is that we deliver a high quality product within a short period of time.

Wilco van der LindeBallondrukkerij

Brand Portal for brand management

Prindustry’s e-commerce software can be flexibly connected to a Brand Portal. The Prindustry Brand Portal organizes brand management from one central system. Within this platform you can manage, create, publish, order and print all online and offline communications.

Everyone working on the brand can customize and use the materials. They do this in templates that guarantee brand consistency. Each user can be given different roles and rights.


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