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6x why your organization needs a Brand Portal

1. The pressure on the marketing department is high

Whether a marketing team consists of 2 or 20 people; often much of the time is taken up with employee inquiries. New business cards are needed, the right images are missing, designs need to be checked or people are looking for the corporate identity guidelines.

A Brand Portal eliminates these questions by automating and standardizing the communication processes. The great bulk of standard questions are converted to automated processes. This gives the marketing department more time for the really creative actions, the core tasks that generate profits.

Eliminate pressure for the marketing manager with a Brand Portal

2. Communications do not all match the corporate identity

The visual identity is the foundation of any business brand. To market a strong brand, the chosen corporate identity must be used consistently in all communications.

A Brand Portal helps with proper corporate identity management. The digital platform allows you to manage, create, publish and order all communications from a single system. Everyone working on the brand works with the same materials. Modifications to the source material take place only within templates while maintaining the corporate identity.

3. You have many different systems for communication

Templates in Word, images on Drive, the brand manual in various versions, InDesign for editing and various databases with printing companies…. A company can work with a lot of separate systems for communication.

With a Brand Portal, you tie all the systems together. The platform connects software for management, design, printing, and administration. This creates an integral ecosystem to make collaboration within the organization as efficient as possible.

Many system integrations in one Brand Portal

4. A designer is used for each design task

There are countless layout requests from employees that come “in between”. Changes on business cards, a different photo or text on invitations or updates in brochures. Because your goal is a consistent brand image, this requires a designer – internal or external. This costs extra money and time, however.

A Brand Portal provides templates for standard design work. For each communication expression, you set up templates in which the fixed corporate identity elements are locked. This allows employees to adapt expressions themselves for reuse without losing the brand style.

5. There are multiple departments or locations providing their own expressions

When you are working with many locations, brands or employees, chances are there are a variety of materials in circulation. There is always someone, who, well-intentioned, crafts a flyer themselves, for example.

With the Brand Portal, tinkering is a thing of the past. Through the central system, employees can find exactly the right files, templates and guidelines. You can also assign certain permissions to users. This allows you as an organization to determine exactly who can see and use which functionalities.

Working independently on communication within the branding

6. You are a growing organization

The bigger a company gets, the more employees and locations, and the harder it becomes to consistently deliver the brand in all communications. To grow, you need a way to permanently deploy the right communication tools.

With the scalable Brand Portal, you are able to properly manage your growing business. You can scale up as needed with new modules and systems. A single sign-on from financial software, a webshop for printing, connections to print producers, an inventory or budget module, order administration or ERP software. This allows you to integrate it into your ideal workflow.


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