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'Getting rid of the bulk and getting time for creative expressions'

“The pressure on our marketing department is too high.” It’s one of the most common client questions Esther Blok hears. As a designer, she develops visual identities for companies. Over the years, she discovered that with automation she can support her clients even better. That’s why she now deploys Brandportals in all shapes and sizes for her clients.

Don't restyle, but follow through!

Esther Blok started working independently as a designer 7 years ago, after a career under contract with companies such as NCOI. Based in Alkmaar, she focused on developing visual identities. Gradually, the idea of automation began to cross her mind more and more. “It happened regularly that a client considered restyling the corporate identity because they felt it no longer looked good. However, that corporate identity was usually not the problem, but implementing it consistently was! It’s probably familiar to many companies: employees cobble something together themselves, for example in Canva. The result is that the corporate identity gets lost.”

Esther Blok Brandportal Prindustry

Automating the design process

Reason enough for Esther to introduce a brand portal to her clients. “Many of my clients don’t even know the term brand portal. But it solves the three biggest problems many companies struggle with. You get all brand expressions in one place, you can create your own expressions within the corporate identity and share and order them directly.”

It seems like a contradictory idea to many: to have designs automated as a designer. “That is often an initial reaction of designers at clients as well. But the point is precisely to eliminate the large bulk of standard questions with automated templates and thus gain time for the real creative actions.”

Brandportal klantbehoeften bij Prindustry met Esther Blok v3

Results mapped

“I wouldn’t offer a brand portal as a designer if I didn’t see the huge benefits. It’s a matter of taking the client through these benefits. Do they think a brand portal is too expensive? Then I list with the client what they currently spend on all the internal and external designers and marketers. Do they think they get boring designs with automated templates? Then we make sure they get multiple variations per template. There is almost always a brand portal that fits the company’s needs and budget. When a client wants it, I can offer a mentoring program to guide the entire automation process.”

Prindustry & Templatoo

Esther also includes the Prindustry Brandportal in her sales process. This Brand Portal is dedicated to the creation and procurement of online and offline communications. “Prindustry’s greatest strength lies in the print ordering process. As an IT company it is unique to be specialized in graphic processes.”

Together with Prindustry, Esther also offers a simplified form of a brand portal with Templatoo. “A brand portal is often a big system and some companies want to start small. This is now possible with Templatoo. This is an online communication portal for templating designs. There are customizable templates of all desired communication items, such as flyers, posters and socials media posts. With this, you are no longer dependent on designers and ” crafting” yourself is a thing of the past. You order the designed communication at the push of a button from a (local) printer of your choice. Or download the file for printing or online use. Simple, fast and always consistent in the corporate identity!”

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