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Information security proven up to date!

In 2021 Prindustry worked hard to obtain a beautiful certificate: the ISO 27001, a worldwide recognised standard for information security. This standard is reviewed every year.

Standard for information security

ISO 27001 is the standard for information security. It describes how you can deal with securing information in a process-oriented way, with the aim to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information within the organisation. Examples are the protection of personal and/or company data, protection against hackers and burglary.

Our scope

The ISO 27001 norm indicates that Prindustry meets all requirements on information security in relation to the continuous development and safe operation of the Prindustry SaaS platform for web shops and brand portals.

The auditor

DigiTrust carried out our audits. The objective was to determine whether the documented management system for information security is sufficiently implemented in our business operations and works accordingly and effectively. On 30 November 2021, DigiTrust awarded us the ISO 27001 certificate .

Security in practice

Prindustry has a proven track record of information security as defined in the Information Security Policy. It concerns security processes for all activities within the scope. For example, that the uptime of our SaaS software is 99 percent throughout the year. Or that all backups can be restored within the Recovery Time Objectives that are defined in the Service Level Targets with customers. But also (Sub)Processor Agreements for the protection of personal data, NDA’s and security processes for the office building, the servers, laptops and the network.

Continuation of the processes

Every year we are re-audited for our ISO-27001 certificate. Prindustry stays sharp on information security and its processes.

We are proud that our company is ISO-27001 certified!

ISO 27001 certificering voor Prindustry, Ramon van Wingerden en Annemarie Manshande

Ramon (Director) and Annemarie (Security Officer) of Prindustry happy with the ISO certification!


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