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For the online organization of a company’s brand communication, there is a brand management system that Prindustry calls the brand portal.

The brand portal in a nutshell

The Prindustry brand portal is an online platform for ordering and creating visual brand communication. The brand portal is a closed web environment where you can manage, adjust and order your communication products after logging in. Communication such as business cards, brochures or social media banners. Central management is possible by the organization, with decentralized ordering options for employees or departments. Everyone can find, adjust and order the various communications from any location after logging in. There is a completely automatic workflow for ordering, design and invoicing.
A brand portal is useful for brand owners. Brands that want to act as a strong and consistent brand and want to organize their procurement as efficiently as possible. Unique to the system from Prindustry is the procurement aspect: the formatted PDF can immediately go into production. You can select suppliers yourself, but you can also use a marketplace with print partners.

The brand portal can also be used as a customer portal. This is the same as a brand portal, but you use it specifically for your customer and their marketing materials. For many media agencies, print managers or printers, a customer portal is interesting in order to simplify communication processes for customers and to bind customers.

Platform communication management


Manage, create and order brand communications

The Prindustry brand portal is a tailor-made webshop. An advanced system for ordering and creating all means of printed marketing materials in the corporate identity of the company. All desired products, partners and systems can be connected within one central single source brand platform. With a few clicks of the mouse, you as a brand owner can generate personalized content, which you can immediately publish or purchase.

Automation communication designs

With a brand portal you get a software tool to present all brand communication in the same corporate identity. Communications are often required in different formats. For online output you immediately generate the different formats for all the various social platforms from one template. For offline printing you get a print-ready PDF that can go into production immediately. The designed images are saved so that you can easily reuse them next time. You can easily enter other texts or images yourself, without changing the set corporate identity elements and immediately with the option for all desired online and offline formats.

SaaS ordering and design platform

The Prindustry brand portal is a fully automated SaaS solution. With a digital ordering and procurement system, you ensure a fast and professional process for your communication activities. There is a completely automatic order flow. As an administrator, you will find insight into the progress of orders and activities in the backend of the portal. You can also configure specific settings for discounts, prices, shipping methods or payment methods. It is a user-friendly, secure and responsive IT application. With this online brand portal you get an IT framework that is sustainable, scalable and dynamic.

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Templates in your corporate identity

CHILI Smart Template

Integration options with various systems

Various specialized systems can be integrated. Financial programs, ERP solutions or online editors. Preflight can be purchased for the file check of the formatted products.

Connection CHILI Publisher

The advanced online editor of CHILI Publisher can be integrated within the extensive brand platform. With this editor you can create online artwork for all communications. The CHILI system has many possibilities and delivers high-quality graphic output. CHILI works with so-called smart templates. A single smart template can generate many different formats at the same time. Corporate identity monitoring is guaranteed. Corporate identity components such as color, font or logo are fixed within the templates.

Print-ready PDF


A brand portal with a procurement platform

An offline communication product like a bussines card or a flyer has yet to be produced. It is a manufacturing product with many variables, such as size, paper type or laminating options. This complex print media ordering process has been flexibly translated into the brand portal. The user must be able to easily choose from the many options for the printed matter in the frontend of the portal. With a flyer, for example, there are choices for format, material, weight, printing, finish, printing method or print runs. After this selection you immediately see when the product can be delivered and what the costs are. After personalization, the formatted PDF can go into production. You can add your own suppliers to order your communication products. It is also possible to connect the brand management portal with various suppliers who offer their products within the Prindustry platform.

User management

Employees get an efficient workflow for the ordering of required communication products. In the backend of the brand portal, there is an comprehensive overview of the order flow. With this system you have complete control over the process, of course depending on the assigned roles.

Budget function

A wallet is a digital wallet. A wallet can be used by the brand owner. With this, you can allocate a certain budget to customers or employees. This way you can keep precise control on how much they are allowed to spend on purchasing the products.

Virtual manual

Ask for the handy virtual manual to see what the Prindustry brand portal looks like.

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Brand portal is also customer portal

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For brand owners

A brand portal is your own webportal to order and create your brand communication. A secure brand platform for brand owners, print management organizations, healthcare institutions or government organizations. Often companies with multiple branches or departments. All these organizations regularly need marketing materials. The brand portal simplifies the procurement and creation process, takes into account the consistency of your corporate identity and has a user-friendly web environment. With a brand portal you manage processes centrally and the employees of your organization(s) can easily adjust, manage and order products in their own corporate identity. With a brand portal you develop a sustainable process for your brand management with the best procurement software solution.

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As a customer portal

You can also use the brand portal as a personal procurement system for your customer: a customer portal. Our customer portal combines automation with personalization. It is a brand portal for the creation and procurement of printed matter by and for the customer. Your customer will get an online brand portal on which they log in and find the marketing materials that they often order, such as letterhead, roll-up banners or business cards. The workflow for orders and invoicing is fully automated. At the same time, it is a personal web environment for the customer with his own look and feel and his own marketing materials online. The customer can prepare the (repetitive) printed matter in predefined corporate identity templates. The print-ready PDF can be immediately forwarded to a printing company of your choice through the connections with suppliers.
As a partner, you ensure an efficient and professional process for your client’s brand communication with high quality marketing automation software. The ordering process is quick, automatic and simple.

Customer cases


Nicky Smid
Smid Media Solutions

“For a childcare organization, we looked for the best brand portal and ended up with Prindustry. This brand portal is now more than the initially desired ordering system for workwear. They use it for all their brand communication. All 60 location managers can adapt communication materials themselves within templates with fixed corporate identity elements. This way, the head office can trust that all communications have the same appearance."

Joris Heirbaut
City of Antwerp

“The City of Antwerp has provided portals for all 120 urban authorities. Every authority - police, fire brigade or school - orders products in its own corporate identity. It is a fully automated solution for requesting quotes, ordering products, transferring orders and invoicing. What is special is that Prindustry was also able to integrate the financial flow with SAP. The authorities find it very useful to work. It saves them a lot of time. Our print management is fantastic digitally translated."

Yolanda Havelaar
GCC Print Professionals

“We have connected a large number of our customers in brand portals. This means that they have their own portal in which they can adjust and order their printed matter. With the online editor they can enter variable data for customizing their communication materials. For example, we have a customer for whom we regularly had to adjust business cards. With the brand portal they can quickly adjust the business cards themselves and order automatically."

Demo or advisory call?

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Choose a Prindustry brand portal if…

  • you want a brand portal with a procurement platform.
  • all your online and offline communications must have the same appearance.
  • you want a completely automatic order process.
  • you want a stable IT framework with which you can continuously change new partners, products and prices over the years, while the existing workflow remains available with all integrated systems.
  • you don’t want to worry about the security and functioning of your portal.
  • you want to save time with standardized templates.
  • you want an IT partner with knowledge of the complex print market.

Build your own brand portal

Prindustry develops brand management software in all shapes and sizes. You can put together various software packages. We see a brand portal as a modular system. You can build our web-to-print software with various modules. A brand portal is also easy to link with the e-commerce options of the WhiteLabelShop from Prindustry.

We love to connect!

Prindustry is an IT company with a specialization in building webportals for print communication with a central purchasing and ordering system. With its many years of experience in this field, Prindustry can advise companies on their online strategy for procurement software solutions, brand management and marketing automation platforms. Prindustry facilitates the print management processes for you, you are in control of all decisions yourself!

We will be happy to discuss the customized application options for your brand portal with you.

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  2. Components of a good brand portal
  3. Component featured: the online editor
  4. Components of a good brand portal supplier
  5. Case study City of Antwerp
  6. Case study Smid Media Solutions
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