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Good brand communication requires good technology. A strong brand starts with a clear positioning to the target audience. Digital technologies help convey this brand message consistently at any time and through any communication channel. The ultimate tool in your tech stack to achieve this is the Brand Portal.

Optimal brand communication

As a brand owner, you want to establish a positive brand positioning. You provide a recognizable brand design in all visual assets of the company. The business cards, brochures, social media templates, website and other promotional materials should all have the samen branding. In this way, all online and offline communications form a recognizable brand formula that provides the desired brand experience.  With that formula you want to become and stay top-of-mind with your target group. Brand communication is everything a company undertakes to gain and maintain that brand preference among its target group(s). Communicating the brand effectively to the target group through all marketing means. There are often many other companies doing this just as diligently to the same therefore important that you not only establish a good brand and good brand strategy, but also communicate it consistently. You ensure a lasting relationship with your target audience when you have a strong communication direction and communicate it unambiguously. In doing so, you must be able to switch quickly across all the various touch points to your target group in order to stay ahead of competitors.

This sounds straightforward, but in reality it causes a lot of stress for marketers. They need to ensure good communication through impactful touchpoints that provide a unified brand experience. All communications must occur consistently in integrated campaigns across a variety of media channels.

Effectieve merkcommunicatie technologie
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Effective brand communication technology

There are smart digital technologies that help optimize brand communications. Successful brands use those technologies on an ongoing basis. From marketing automation and mail programs to image libraries and digital design tools. With the right technology, you can deploy communications to your target audience on any device, at any time, and present them with the right brand messages. Customers are presented with an integrated and personalized experience across all channels in no time.

Putting together appropriate tech stack is therefore important; it forms the basis of your communication process. With the right technology, you take your brand communication to the next level.

Successful branding technology: the Brand Portal

The number one tool in your tech stack for brand communications is the Brand Portal. With this centralized digital platform, you manage, edit and order all communication assets from anywhere. Creation and ordering processes are fully automated. You thus increase efficiency in collaboration. Quickly produce all online and offline communications. Ensure consistency using corporate identity templates. Order printed materials in an automatic order flow. The software relieves a company of all operational tasks and interfaces with other business systems. ERP or accounting software, printers, a webshop or a design tool. It is an ecosystem that ties all communication processes together.

Succesvolle merkcommunicatie technologie de Brandportal
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Building blocks Brand Portal

The ultimate solution for effective brand communication: the Brand Portal:

  1. Editor with brand templates
  2. Webshop with automatic order flow
  3. User management with rights and roles
  4. Media Manager repository
  5. Budget control
  6. Single Sign-On

Discover how this Brand Portal can strengthen your brand and automate all communication in your organization!


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