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Brand portals, white label web shops or customer portals… these are all Prindustry products that come down to the same thing: convenience! With us you get the all-in-one software package for purchasing and designing communication. With each portal we offer a comprehensive platform for orders, quotations, invoicing, accounting, stock, payment systems, online editing and more.
We call a brand portal for your customer a customer portal.

The customer portal in a nutshell

A customer portal is an ordering system for all your customer’s marketing materials. Business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, social media banners. All kinds of brand communication.
With a customer portal, you centrally manage the communication processes, and your customer can easily adjust, manage, and order products in their own corporate identity locally. The workflow for ordering these products is completely automated.
The customer portal is entirely in the look & feel of your customer’s organization.
A customer portal will provide you with a sustainable customer relationship. If you arrange everything for your customer with the most modern means, the customer loyalty will be optimal.

Customer Portal | Procurement and design | Marketing materials

Personalize products

Corporate identity monitoring

A customer portal is a design portal

A good customer portal has an advanced online editor. With an online editor you can easily personalize your marketing materials. After choosing the product in the web portal, you can adjust the design before placing the order. You can personalize various things: text, font, and images. Each formatted product can be viewed in 3D. The final product is a suitable high-resolution PDF.

Corporate identity monitoring

The customer prepares the communication material in predefined corporate identity templates, without the intervention of a designer. Corporate identity components such as color, font or logo are fixed within templates. Within these fixed elements, the customer can vary with new images and texts.

Smart design templates

Smart templates are rapidly being used in many marketing departments. A single smart template can generate many different formats simultaneously for all online and offline communication channels.

Different formats: offline and online

Marketing communications are often required in different formats. Within one template you can generate output with different end formats for print and web. For example, you get Google Display formats and formats for social media in one go.

Portal web-to-print CHILI editor business cards

Print media ordering process

Bestelproces brandportal klantportal

A customer portal is a procurement portal

Even in this digital age, no company can do without printing. A company needs business cards, letterhead, envelopes, flags, or flyers. These printed matters are products that still need to be made after ordering and they have numerous product options. The user should be able to easily choose from the many printing options in the portal. For example, with a business card you get choices for size, material, weight, or edition. The procurement aspect is unique to the system: the order can immediately go into production through connections with print suppliers.

Procurement with online print marketplace

As the administrator of the portal, you choose who the order goes to. This can be your own company or an external supplier. Each Prindustry web portal offers optional access to a marketplace where dozens of print specialists offer their printed matter. Prindustry works with many suppliers, such as, Probo, Control Media, Cartim Print, Inpromo or Eurovlag.

Dedicated IT project


A customer portal is an IT project

For a future-proof customer portal you choose an IT partner. An experienced software developer with all web-to-print expertise. The automation and security of the web-to-print process is too important and complex not to be placed with an IT specialist.

IT independent discipline

Prindustry sees IT and the production of marketing materials as two separate disciplines. Prindustry specializes in IT and does so as an independent software partner. This means that Prindustry does not produce printed matter itself. As a web portal owner you decide for yourself where you have the orders produced.

With an independent IT framework you can also change new partners, products and prices throughout the years, while the existing workflow remains available. This is especially important for brand portals for government institutions. With a stable IT portal, governments can maintain their own portal for purchasing and creating printed matter across all tenders, with all changing agreements and suppliers.

SaaS, system integrations and single source

A SaaS (Software as a Service) software solution saves organizations considerable time and money. You do not have to develop or purchase the software yourself but pay for its use. Advantages are efficiency, scalability, access to services everywhere and automatic updates.

Specialized systems can be interconnected within a SaaS portal. A web-to-print portal can thus be a platform with integrations to ERP, accounting, and payment systems. An advanced system integration is a “single source” or “single sign-on”. This is a custom product in the software that gives access to multiple systems with one login.

Whitepaper communicatie aanbestedingen en ITWhitepaper communicatie aanbestedingen en IT

Customer cases


Eelco Edink
Arvato Bertelsmann

“We have customer portals which we call 'Happy Partner Shops' for the account managers of a telecom company. They can order gifts for the company's resellers. Flowers, cards, or cakes. There are also sales-supporting marketing materials. The stock module keeps track of the number of items. Each account manager is allocated a budget. They can spend this budget on the products within the order platform. With this so-called digital wallet, the responsible manager can control exactly how much the account managers can spend. It is precisely these types of functions for which we provide added value to clients.”

Yolanda Havelaar
GCC Print Professionals

“We have connected many of our customers in customer portals. This means that they have their own portal in which they can adjust and order their printed matter. With the online editor, they can enter variable data for customizing their communication materials. For example, we have a customer for whom we regularly had to adjust business cards. With the customer portal they can quickly adjust it themselves and order it automatically. It is very convenient and timesaving for both parties. Moreover, the corporate identity is well safeguarded.”

Nicky Smid
Smid Media Solutions

“For a childcare organization, we looked for the best brand portal and ended up with Prindustry. It is an ordering system for their corporate clothing and other brand communication. All location managers can adjust the products themselves in templates with fixed corporate identity elements. In this way, the head office can trust that all communications have the same appearance. For example, employees can only enter a new date on an invitation. It is very user-friendly. We are now also using the brand portal for other customers. It is a service with which we create long-term customer relationships.”

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Principles for a sustainable customer portal

A future-proof customer portal meets these conditions:

  • All communication activities in one automated system.
  • Flexible online procurement and creation of all products.
  • Central management by the organization.
  • Decentralized ordering options for the customer: different roles for employees / departments.
  • Consistent application of the corporate identity.
  • Professionally formatted PDF publications.
  • Completely automatic order flow.
  • Time savings with standardized templates.
  • Insight into the progress of orders and the course of activities.
  • Integration options with various systems.
  • A user-friendly, safe and responsive IT application.
  • An IT framework that is sustainable, scalable and dynamic.
  • By an IT partner with knowledge of the complex (print) communication market.

We love to connect!

Prindustry is an IT company specialized in building web portals for (print) communication with a central procurement and ordering system. With a Prindustry portal you get a fully automated SaaS solution for the sales, procurement, management and design of printed matter and other communication products. You can put together various software packages.

The strength of Prindustry is connecting: Prindustry connects products, partners, and systems.

We would be happy to discuss the possibilities for your customer portal with you!


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White paper ‘Customer loyalty with a customer portal’

Table of contents

  1. Customer loyalty with order platform for all marketing materials
  2. Components of a good customer portal
  3. Component highlighted: the online editor
  4. Component highlighted: procurement connections
  5. Components of a good customer portal supplier
  6. Testimonials various customer portals:
    Case studies City of Antwerp, Smid Media Solutions, Printing Company Concordia
  7. IT partner Prindustry
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