A customer brand portal:
brand customer

The Prindustry customer portal is entirely in the look & feel of the customer. In the portal you can present everything for the customer. He can find, adjust and order his print and communication products.

Flow for creation and procurement:
one automated system

Quick and easy creation and purchasing of a customer's brand communication in one portal. There is a completely automatic workflow for orders, quotes and invoicing.

Profit in time and money:
customer adjusts himself!

The customer makes the (repetitive) printed matter in pre-defined corporate identity templates, without the intervention of a designer. Small layout jobs, for which you never charge costs.

Print-ready PDF:
directly in production!

The print-ready PDF can immediately be forwarded to a printing company through the connections with graphic suppliers. You choose the suppliers yourself or use the unique Prindustry network.

Efficient and sustainable:
long-term customer loyalty

As a partner you ensure an efficient and professional process for the (repetitive) communication expressions of your client. You guarantee the corporate identity and save costs. Ordering products is quick, automatic and simple.

A good partner:
innovation with IT!

Prindustry facilitates the print management processes for you, you are in control of all decisions yourself! With software developer Prindustry you get an experienced partner with all web-to-print expertise in-company.

Automated and personal


Automation & personalization with a customer portal

People are increasingly moving digitally. Your customers too. At the same time, the personal connection is more important than ever. A good customer relationship requires a focus on the user experience and an individual approach.

This is also possible with web-to-print software; with personal portals for customers. Customer portals are specifically designed for a personalized process around the procurement and creation of print products.

A sustainable customer relationship

The customer portal is for companies that devise, advise or develop creative expressions on behalf of customers. These customers regularly need printed matter. Someone has to create, adapt, manage and purchase these products and monitor the corporate identity. With a customer portal you provide an online portal for the creation and procurement of printed matter for and by the customer. Your customer gets their own web environment where they log in and find the products they often order through you. Like stationery, flyers or business cards. All kinds of brand communication. The workflow for ordering these products is fully automated.

As a partner, you ensure an efficient and professional process for your customer’s communications. A customer portal will provide you with a sustainable customer relationship.

Brand portal online print Customer Portal

Personalize print management


Digital customer management

A Prindustry customer portal unites all facets of print communication smartly digitally. It is a fully automated web platform with an integrated management system, which gives you access to all your products and designs. The platform is an easy ordering and creation system for the customer. The order can be handled completely automatically. The print-ready PDF can be immediately forwarded to a printing company of your choice through connections in the portal. Various specialized systems can be integrated. An online editor, but also software for accounting or payments. New print suppliers, products and prices can be continuously changed within a stable IT framework.

Portal web-to-print CHILI editor business cards

Choose your own online editor in your customer portal

A good web-to-print customer portal has an advanced online editor. Our customer portal can be integrated with online editors such as PitchPrint and CHILI Publisher. With an online editor, customers can easily format their communication documents. After choosing a product in the customer portal, your customer can choose to create a design and personalize the product before submitting the order.

PitchPrint is an editor for editing templates and CHILI Publisher  is an editor for designing corporate identity templates. Corporate identity components such as color, font or logo are fixed in templates with CHILI.

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Table of contents white paper ‘Customer portal web-to-print’

  1. Automation & personalization with a customer portal
  2. Components of a good customer portal
  3. Component highlighted: the online editor
  4. Components of a good customer portal supplier
  5. Testimonials various customer portals:
    Case studies City of Antwerp, Smid Media Solutions, printing company Concordia
  6. IT partner Prindustry
White paper Customer Portal web2print

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What our customers say


Patrick König

“We have a Prindustry portal for our largest customer. In this portal, the customer finds the printed products that he orders the most, such as business cards, flyers and brochures. It is a good online solution with a nice price. I enjoyed working with the team. All functions could be developed. I would definitely recommend Prindustry!”

Joris Heirbaut
City of Antwerp

“Every city agency - police, fire brigade or schools - in Antwerp orders products in its own corporate identity. Prindustry has united all options for printing, signing and suppliers in a portal for every organization. It works incredibly handy for us. It saves a lot of time. Our print management has been translated fantastic digitally.”

Leon van Nunen
Control Media

"Prindustry has an interesting model where you can buy at the source. There is no one else with such a linking mechanism to a marketplace platform. Prindustry always invests in software development. And that is necessary. I am convinced that there are many more companies who will go online, but now still order in the traditional way.”

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Our partners

You choose entirely yourself who the order in the portal goes to. You can do this at a printing company of your choice or at one of the graphic suppliers below that can be connected to the Prindustry purchasing platform.

“Everything that can go online goes online”


About Prindustry

Prindustry is a software developer of web2print portals. With a Prindustry portal you get a fully automated SaaS solution for selling, purchasing, managing and editing printed matter and communication products. “Everything that can go online goes online”, that is our mission.

Prindustry’s strength is connecting: we connect customers, products, partners and systems. We continue to develop software for this. We already have the title market leader of graphic webshops in the Benelux!

We would be happy to discuss the possibilities for your customer portal with you!