Ordering and personalization with a customer portal

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Sustainable and personal

A customer portal has the look and feel of your customer’s organization. After logging in, the customer finds his own ordering platform. You can organize all marketing materials here. Your customer adjusts the materials for reuse himself. The order will proceed automatically. To you, or to an external print manufacturer.

With this customer portal you respond to customer needs. The customer can make adjustments on his communications himself, in a personal platform. That saves him – and you! – time. You do that with the most modern techniques. That will lead to a sustainable customer relationship. If you organize everything for your customer in one convenient platform, they will not quickly switch to another agency.

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Personalization of marketing materials

In a good customer portal, your customer can customize the product before ordering it, by means of an online editor. With such an editor, your customer can edit his marketing materials. The customer prepares the communication material within corporate identity templates. A designer is no longer necessary. Corporate identity components such as color, font or logo are fixed in the templates. Within these fixed elements, the customer can vary with new images and texts. He can personalize his communication in a few seconds. All images are automatically saved. This way it can easily be used and ordered again next time.

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Procurement of printed matter

In the customer portal you can create visuals for all kinds of communication. There is an automated workflow for ordering the printed matter. As the administrator of the portal, you determine who the order goes to. If you are a printing company, you probably prefer to take care of the job yourself. You can also choose to connect external suppliers. Each Prindustry portal provides access to a marketplace where dozens of print media producers offer their printed matter. The order can immediately go into production through the automated procurement connections.

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