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By 25 May 2020Blog, Partners
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In conversation with Nicky Smid

“To avoid extra pressure in the shop, Shell installed a temporary cash register at the car wash in The Hague. We have provided this temporary cash register with signing with the Shell logo and colors to match the rest of the station.”

It is one of Nicky Smid’s LinkedIn posts. The message makes a lot clear about the services of his Smid Media Solutions. They provide all kinds of communications. Printing and digital media. They do this quickly and professionally, for often large national and international companies. Taking care of everything for these customers is the goal. This also led to the offering of brand portals, to give marketing departments a more efficient organization for the communication process. Nicky Smid explains what it means to offer everything in the field of Print Management.

Nicky Smid - Smid Media SolutionsThe Smid family has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The four Smid brothers are all entrepreneurs. One has an interior construction company, another does assembly and transport, the third has an online marketing company and Nicky himself regularly works with them for his Smid Media Solutions. He offers Full Service Print Management processes. “It’s about unburdening our customers with their communication. This may involve wrapping an entire fleet of company cars, the complete communication for events or signing a commercial building. We provide a new corporate identity, arrange LED screens or supply promotional packages for petrol stations, for example. These are often complex projects that we can deliver from A to Z.”

No need to shop around

This makes Smid Media Solution a central party that arranges everything related to communication campaigns for the customer. From the start in 2009, this formula proved to be a recipe for success. “We mainly work for major brands throughout Europe. The marketing managers of these companies need an efficient and fast organization of all communication. They do not want to have to shop around everywhere for their various assignments. Because we have known our customers for years, we can also stimulate them with new ideas for their campaigns. We keep a close eye on the latest promotional products. For example, we recently spotted and offered hologram projectors. There is also more attention for the interior of commercial buildings. Innovative materials such as acoustic panels or personalized wallpaper are interesting for this. And in the corona period, disinfection columns, prevention screens and floor stickers are of course popular. We respond to everything and deliver everything.”

A more modern communication process

Based on this philosophy, Nicky also identified a wish for brand portals. “There is a need to organize all communication activities more effectively and digitally. This certainly applies to large marketing departments, which are often very busy. They want to organize their communication management as efficiently as possible. For example, we work for a large childcare organization that wanted to better organize the stock and ordering of their company clothing. They came to us for a solution. A brand portal flexibly unites all wishes in an online system. That is why I was looking for the best brand portal for them. I found that at Prindustry, a reliable software partner who flexibly delivers a custom brand portal. The brand portal for the childcare organization is now more than just an ordering system for work clothing. They use it for all their brand communication. All different location managers can adjust communication materials in the brand portal within templates with fixed corporate identity elements. In this way, the head office can rely on all communications to have the same appearance. For example, managers can only enter a new date on an open day invitation or fill in a different theme on a poster. It is very user-friendly. We are now also using the brand portal for other customers. It is an extra service with which we guarantee our long-term customer relationships.”

Nothing too much!

And those long-term relationships, that is of course what Smid Media Solutions focuses on. “Nothing is too much for us. We respond to all customer questions. In the corona period, it is more difficult to visit them live, but I have telephone contact almost daily to stay up to date. Ultimately, it’s all about continuing to respond to new communication needs with a total range of products.”

A brand portal is an online system for the procurement and creation of brand communication. It is a closed web environment where you can manage, adjust and purchase your own communication products after logging in. Products such as stationery, flyers, business cards or corporate clothing. You can easily make adjustments to these communications through predefined templates that ensure the corporate identity. The workflow for ordering the products is fully automated. The print-ready PDF can be sent directly to a (own) producer.