Web2print software for print producers

Whether you want to increase your customer reach, streamline your order management or make your product offerings accessible to resellers, our software provides the solution you're looking for. Start increasing sales opportunities for your print assortment today!


Our software products for print producers:


Make your assortment easily available online with a professional webshop. This way you can take orders 24/7 and offer your customers an optimal ordering process.

Order management

Keep control of your graphic orders with our comprehensive management system. Our platform automates your order processing, from quotation to invoicing.

Offer assortment

Expand your market by offering your product range to Prindustry resellers. With the rollout of our new platform, you can build, calculate & offer your assortment yourself.

Webshop with your product range

Offer your product range with our webshop solution. Manage your assortment and orders completely yourself. Customers order and pay online and your machines run all day long. Prindustry takes care of the IT implementations and maintenance. Reach a larger market with a user-friendly webstore.


Efficient order management

Automate and manage your orders from entry to delivery with real-time updates and detailed dashboards. Our scalable and customizable software offers automatic order confirmations, inventory management and invoicing. Stay in control of ongoing and completed orders without worrying about IT.


Assortment to offer resellers

As a print producer, you want to sell your products well. Prindustry’s software provides a web2print platform where graphic producers can offer their print products to resellers. Resellers can resell these products white label through their WhiteLabelShop. This way you reach a large target group that is able to buy and sell your assortment.


Current print partners

Dozens of graphics producers, including Probo, Control Media, Inpromo, Drukwerkdeal, Oblé and Print.com, are already connected to the Prindustry platform. Selection criteria are best price, unique in-house printing or fast delivery time. Prindustry connects the assortment of an external print supplier to the online print shop. For a professional look, you offer the reseller white label images and white label shipping packages.


Prindustry's customers get access to our print range, the largest in Europe. The goal is to make this process so easy that they have time to invest in adding value for their customers. That means the connection to our assortment must be clear and never have price differences.

Joris PetersPrint.com

Through the Prindustry platform you get access to Probo's full product range. This is done over a live connection. This means that the assortment and prices in the Prindustry system are always the same as those of Probo. A webshop owner can resell Probo's assortment. The reseller is completely free to determine adjustments, discounts or margins. It is also possible to buy the assortment if you only use the Prindustry management system.

Douwe Pieter van der Galiën & Jordy Silva de JongProbo

Release Q4 2024: Assortment to offer externally

A producer’s assortment can soon also be offered via API to external parties using the Prindustry platform. In the new platform you can digitally compose, calculate and offer your assortment (externally). Suppliers can thus make their assortment available to the entire market. All products and product options will be standardized. This makes it possible to connect the entire market.

Release Q4 2024: Calculation module

Prindustry’s new software platform will soon allow you to calculate your own product prices, both for the webshop and beyond. Enter all specifications of your machines for accurate cost price calculations. Work with standardized data for a streamlined workflow. You have full control over the calculation and pricing of your products.


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