Cooperation brandportal across borders

By 24 August 2018Partners

Faster ordering process with brandportal for customers

patrick enConcordia is a printing company in Mannheim that has found its way from Germany to the IT platform of Prindustry in the Netherlands. They wanted their own webshop for some of their customers. “A webshop that would make the order process of ordering, designing, implementing changes and sending faster,” says Patrick König.

Patrick is the fourth generation in the family printing business. Officially his title is ‘Digital Project Manager’. However, with 14 colleagues, the company is not very large, which means that Patrick also carries out various other (management) tasks. Concordia, or in full ‘Concordia-Druckerei König’, is a printing company that produces everything itself with offset and digital printing. They cover the entire commercial range with flyers, stationery, brochures, posters or calendars. Patrick: “For us this focus works well. We are keen on improvements. That’s also how we looked at the order process for our customers. “

Old-fashioned and time-consuming ordering process
Concordia has a number of long-term customers who continuously purchase printed matter. One of their largest customers is an organization that, with more than 1,000 employees, mainly orders a lot of business cards. “The ordering process was very old-fashioned and time-consuming. Our customer placed an order by mail, we copy/paste this in InDesign, this then went back to the customer and then there was communication about the corrections again. We wanted to finetune this process in a webshop. “

Search for a webshop
Patrick was tipped by a German colleague to work with Prindustry. Admittedly, a Dutch IT company, but one with which his colleague had good experiences. “Prindustry offered a good webshop, a brandportal, for our internal customer. This brandportal is a good online solution at a decent price. Our customer can now quickly organize the ordering process via his own advanced webshop. “

concordia enHow it works
When ordering print products, the customer logs in via their own webshop or they go via a link from their financial SAP system to the webshop. Within their brandportal, the customer finds two navigation menus: one for standard print products and one for the business cards – the product they order most. With an online editor they can format the business card, check it and save it as a PDF. “This ensures fewer mistakes. The time of the order process is also much faster. The process of sending, checking and changing is now automatically translated into a portal.”

Over country borders
The distance between Germany and the Netherlands has played a role for Patrick in the cooperation. “Of course you stand still at the distance, but Prindustry presented the strongest concept. I have worked with the team with great pleasure. All functions could be developed. We would certainly recommend Prindustry. We ourselves also take a second brandportal for another customer!”