Current situation: automation & personalization

People are increasingly moving digitally. Your customers too. At the same time, the personal connection is more important than ever. A good customer relationship requires a focus on the user experience and an individual approach.

This is also possible with web-to-print software; with personal portals for customers. Customer portals are specifically designed for a personalized process around the procurement and creation of print products.

A sustainable customer relationship

The customer portal is for companies that devise, advise or develop creative expressions on behalf of customers. These customers regularly need printed matter. Someone has to create, adapt, manage and purchase these products and monitor the corporate identity. With a customer portal you provide an online portal for the creation and procurement of printed matter for and by the customer. Your customer gets their own web environment where they log in and find the products they often order through you. Like stationery, flyers or business cards. All kinds of brand communication. The workflow for ordering these products is fully automated.

As a partner, you ensure an efficient and professional process for your customer’s communications. A customer portal will provide you with a sustainable customer relationship.

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Digital customer management

A customer portal unites all facets of print communication smartly digitally. It is a fully automated web platform with an integrated management system, which gives you access to all your products and designs. The platform is an easy ordering and creation system for the customer. The order can be handled completely automatically. The print-ready PDF can be immediately forwarded to a printing company of your choice through connections in the portal. Various specialized systems can be integrated. An online editor, but also software for accounting or payments. New print suppliers, products and prices can be continuously changed within a stable IT framework.

The white paper

The white paper contains advice that you as a company should pay attention to when selecting a good customer portal for print management. Discover more about the current web-to-print market and check out the overview of components that a good customer portal should consist of. Special attention is given to the online editor. A good web-to-print customer portal has an advanced online editor integrated. The customer can create his own corporate identity templates. This is followed by a brief overview of requirements that a good customer portal supplier must meet.

There are three case studies. The first concerns the City of Antwerp, which has deployed customer portals for the 120 local Antwerp city authorities, each with its own corporate identity communication products. The second is Smid Media Solutions, which uses brand portals for its major customers, such as a childcare organization that wanted an online ordering system for brand communication for all locations. The third testimonial is about the portal that printing company Concordia purchased for their largest customer. In the portal the customer can find his corporate identity business cards and adjust and purchase them himself.

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Table of contents white paper

  1. Automation & personalization with a customer portal
  2. Components of a good customer portal
  3. Component highlighted: the online editor
  4. Components of a good customer portal supplier
  5. Testimonials various customer portals
  6. IT partner Prindustry

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