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By 2 January 2019Online marketing
trendrapport prindustry

Trends in marketing, e-commerce and the printing industry

As an IT company in a creative industry, Prindustry has its own perspective on various trends. We give you developments for three core areas: webshops, social media and the graphic industry.


Higher turnover
The turnover of Dutch webshops rose by 19 percent in the second quarter of 2018 compared to the previous year. Foreign webshops are also gathering more and more revenue.

Customer journey
More than half of the customer journeys start online. Online people decide what they buy and where they want to buy it. As a company you therefore need a strong online strategy. Whether this is with or without a webshop.
You reach the customer through multiple channels and use a multichannel or omnichannel marketing strategy.

Blockchain seems to be the new buzzword. It is a certain system that deals confidentially with transactions on the internet. Testing and registration is not done by one party, but by the system itself. Bitcoin is the first application of blockchain technology. For online shops, the applications in the area of ​​supply chain monitoring, KYC solutions and delivery and payment conditions seem to be meaningful. This development is still very young.

Systems must increasingly be integrated. A webshop can thus be a platform with integrations to financial systems, ERP systems or other programs.

Evidence based customer experience
The entrepreneurs who actually put their customers first are the most successful. These are companies that continually examine the constantly changing rules of the customer experience and experiment with this.

Social media and e-commerce

social mediaIncrease in use
E-commerce is increasingly going through social media. Social media continuously introduce new developments for this. For example, Snapchat launches e-commerce features such as ‘Amazon – visual search shopping’ and Shoppable Snap ads. Instagram Stories is also an important tool. You only have to swipe up in Stories and you have an e-commerce link. Brand ambassadors (“influencers”) on social media can play an important role in this process for a company.

Live content
Live content with videos (eg Insta and Facebook Stories or Twitter videos) has developed enormously in 2018 as a promotional tool for companies. It provides a high level of engagement and with a social video of a business meeting you can reach a much larger audience. Instagram Live is interesting with Instagram. These are livestreams that are shown first between all Stories. It is important to place native videos and not a link to a YouTube video.

AR ads
There will be more augmented reality shopping ads. An advertisement with AR can ensure that customers get a deeper relationship with your product. Fitting those beautiful sunglasses digitally on Facebook just before you buy it? It is possible!

Lead generation and branding
LinkedIn remains a good medium for thought leadership and lead generation for B2B. Instagram is taking an increasingly important place in the field of branding.

Search advertising
In 2018, more money was spent on search advertising, according to research by Deloitte. More than 93 percent of the professionals increased their search spend. Especially the expenditure in mobile search ads is popular. Google is by far still the first choice for search advertising, but Bing is gaining market share. The Dutch SEA market is leading in Europe.

Companies are more cautious with data privacy due to the new GDPR legislation, even though the legislation will not always be enforced in the coming years. Facebook has received a lot of criticism in 2018 about their use of personal data.

Personal experience
The personal experience is more important than ever. Whether it concerns your products and services, your marketing, the user experience on your website or your (digital) workplace. There is more focus on the user experience and customer retention by collecting data about individual customers and asking them for feedback.

Content marketing
Content marketing with relevant and fun content is central. This does not only apply to social media, the content marketing strategy must cover all communication channels of a company. You as a company have to pay attention to how you send the content. Companies are looking for new ways to reach customers, where it used to be easier through advertorials. A targeted content campaign is, for example, to distribute multiple own publications with interesting content for your target audience.

Graphic industry

grafisch ontwerperTo the end user
Suppliers and other partners approach end-users more and more directly. This does not mean that the reseller, printer or signmaker no longer plays a role. It does mean that roles change and become more diffuse.

To the graphic designer
The contact between the supplier and the graphic designer is also more directly realized. This can be very valuable. Research by Pure Digital shows that the creative industry can hardly distinguish between digital and conventional printing technology. Many designers are not well aware of the advantages of digital printing: a fast response, flexible production, new creative possibilities, customization and personalization.

To other branches
Among certain graphic entrepreneurs there is a tendency to discover trends by looking at other branches. There are graphic designers and entrepreneurs who look at the fashion industry for the latest colors and designs. There are also companies that monitor large innovative companies such as Amazon, Coolblue or H&M for the latest developments in distribution, online marketing or product renewal.

More in the mix
There are more and more partnerships in the market. Traditional printers outsource work to online printers or vice versa. Some even completely reject their own production to only sell online. There will also be cross-pollination with entrepreneurs from other markets who will be printing their products. Finally, there is a rejuvenation in the industry.

More printed promotional products
The market for promotional products is large: IT Strategies estimated it is about 10 percent of the total marketing communications industry. The products are very diverse, varying from bags and watches to drinking cups and buttons. Research shows that in Europe, especially writing materials and T-shirts are popular among recipients of promotional items.

High customer requirements
Customers have started to demand higher and higher requirements. From innovation to faster delivery and from personalized products to convenience. Big data can help to meet high customer demands.

dataData-driven decision-making
Not the printing (technologies) determine the success for print and print companies, but processing and management of data from the clients.

Growth potential online sales
Online print sales are growing. The online market is, however, still a small factor in the sale of printed matter and sign. There is a lot of growth potential in this market. Important for online print sales is a complete end-to-end approach. Online print is more than purchasing technology. You have to think about your company, your desired business model, target group and functionalities that are needed.