The value of data

By 31 October 2017Blog
blog de waarde van data | Prindustry

I am an enthusiastic collector of data myself. I like to know about what’s going on within Prindustry on almost any level. In this article, I’ll tell you how we collect data at Prindustry and about my ‘hacks’ to gather data in a smart and efficient way for lead generation.

Key Performance Indicators

We have different operational goals that all have their own KPIs. Key Performance Indicators are variables that can be used to analyze performance. KPIs indicate how successful a business, department, product, action or campaign is. With the different KPIs, it is possible to say our performance is “healthy” at any time of the day. We measure revenue, new customers, project deliveries, support ticket handling and lead generation. The goal expressed in a number is achieved (green) or not (red). There is no in between, we do not have black or orange numbers for our operational goals. For exceptionally good performance, we have super green (fluorescent green), this is an unexpectedly extremely positive number. Do you find it difficult to formulate KPIs? Check out for suggestions.

To measure is to know

Lead Generation

Lead generation are all activities aimed at getting in touch with potential customers. For lead generation, we communicate through different channels, both online and offline. We focus mainly on online marketing. By posting messages on our website, social media and sending newsletters. Offline you can find us at various (graphic) events. There we tell you about our platform, we give demos of our platform and provide information like our brochure. I don’t make extensive marketing plans because it takes a lot of time and it’s possible that during the implementation the concept you made up, doesn’t work. What I do is making a short plan. This consists of the goal to be achieved, timeframe, frequency of communication, communication channels and communication ideas. For communication ideas, I appeal to the collective intelligence of Prindustry. There is always someone who has a novelty or text and / or image. Then I just start doing and I measure the degree of success. Based on the results, I increase / decrease the frequency of communication per communication channel, I change days and times and adjust the way of communicating, such as text, photos, images and / or videos.

Work smarter not harder

Marketing Report

If you communicate through different channels, it may be a challenge to quickly check and display your KPIs. However, virtually any system or platform has a reporting capability. I can log in to our website, Analytics, Adwords, My Business, MailChimp, Facebook, Youtube etc. and get my data. It’s all available, but it takes time. And I don’t think that’s an efficient way to spend my time. I like to have an overview of the KPIs in online marketing with one click. And we found the tool for this, the marketing reporting tool of Indenty.


What does this tool do?

This tool takes your website or webshop and analyzes it on technology and content. At the technology section, you’ll see if the URLs are search engine friendly and information about the security of your site (https). At the content section, you see an overview of duplicate content and alt texts. In addition, you can link all of your communication channels to this reporting tool and see them in one overview. You do not have to be an analyst to see if your performance is “healthy” in online marketing. It’s an additional subscription, but € 10, – per month is cheaper than the costs you lose if you let someone collect all the different data with charts. Curious about this report? View the sample report. I am so excited about this tool that it is now also available in the backend of our WhiteLabelShops. You can’t afford to fall behind in this fast changing online world. Know who your site visitors are, what they do and anticipate on it. Good luck!