Team PitchPrint from South Africa comes to Connect Event!

By 13 August 2019Events, Technical

Personalize in 3D with PitchPrint

The PitchPrint team will come from South Africa to the Netherlands in September especially for Prindustry’s relationship day. On September 19th, visitors of this Connect Event can learn everything about this handy online editor, which is being used by more and more Prindustry resellers. Alcino van Rooyen, Jenna-Lee Jacobs and David Ogundeko will represent PitchPrint in Gorinchem. In addition to a place on the exhibition floor, Alcino van Rooyen will give a presentation about the developments and possibilities of PitchPrint. Time to get more acquainted with PitchPrint!

“A web2print customizer with a 3d preview”, that is PitchPrint in a nutshell according to Alcino van Rooyen. PitchPrint is an online editor that allows customers to easily create their own graphic products in a webshop. “It is a stand-alone software solution for a graphic webshop. The web2print plugin is easy to connect. The editor is user-friendly and therefore suitable for every customer to personalize their products.”

Easy print customizer with 3D preview

PitchPrint started its activities from South Africa four years ago and now serves a worldwide customer base. The Netherlands forms a significant part of this clientele. “We would like to meet them in September!” Visitors to the Connect Event learn more about PitchPrint. Alcino is happy to show you more about the unique features of the editor: “Customers can personalize a product with our web2print tool and view it in 3D before placing the order. We offer the editor for countless products in these categories: stationary, clothing, large canvas, product casing, promotional items and photo prints. You can personalize various things for these products; from the theme and font to the images and layouts. You can then view, rotate and zoom in on any personalized product in 3D. This increases the experience and confidence for the customer to make a purchase. The end product is a suitable high-resolution PDF for printing. PitchPrint is a powerful tool with many functions!”

Link with your webshop!

PitchPrint is available as an online editor within the Prindustry platform. That means that the PitchPrint web2print plugin can be connected to the WhiteLabelShop, a webshop where your customers can order print and sign. After choosing a product in your webshop, your customer can create a design and personalize the product before placing the order. PitchPrint is a perfect partner for this creation process: the web2print editor is affordable and user-friendly!

PitchPrint benefits

PDF ready

You get a high resolution print-ready PDF document with crisp, clean vector elements in either CMYK or RGB format.


From the theme, fonts, images to layouts, you can undress every pixel and fully customize the app to blend into your website's look and feel.

Design templates

The design can be personalizes with existing templates or own designs. There are design templates, but you can also import your own templates.

3D preview

Your customers get to view their customization on the product and can pan around or zoom to any angle in 3D.

Live remote

Through the dashboard you can view all customers who use the tool on your website, you can see a preview and offer to help them remotely and finalize the design in real time.

Import photos

Photos from Facebook, Instagram, the phone or desktop can be imported into the design and edited with the editor. Vector files such as PDF, Illustrator, CorelDraw, TIFF are all supported.

Free image bank

Any photo and text file uploaded to your gallery can be searched by customers using keywords. PitchPrint has also integrated Pixabay, a large collection of royalty-free images.

Editing pictures

One of the best photo editing suites in the world is integrated from Adobe Cloud, so users can seamlessly edit their images, apply filters or crop photos.