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By 25 February 2019Partners
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Flags and banners with a personal touch!

The Netherlands really is a flag country, says Glenn Godvliet. As a team leader at Intervlag, he has seen the demand for flags increase for years. “A flag is a popular product because it is a real attention raiser as a moving object. You can encounter flags everywhere in the streets. Whether it is small fa├žade flags at a butchery, beach flags at festivals or flags at companies.”

glenn intervlag supplierIntervlag has been a supplier to the Prindustry platform since 2018. This means that graphic resellers can offer the printed flags and banners from Intervlag through their own web shop. Intervlag itself has been active in the graphic market for a longer time. And successful it is!

Large volumes, fast delivery and service

The young Intervlag team works from a building with multiple businesses in the heart of Rotterdam. Not for a long time anymore, because in the autumn of 2019 they are moving to a brand-new office building near Rotterdam-The Hague Airport. This is a nice result of the growth of the company. Glenn became involved eight years ago, when the company was very different. “Intervlag started in 2010 and after two years there was already a turnaround. We showed our forces: large volumes, fast delivery, with the specialized product flags. These forces are most effective when we supply the brokering. We pay attention to building personal relationships with these customers. Our customers can contact us for the purchase of printed banner products, but also for advice on the application of these products. This way our customer can help the end customer better. ”

flag supplier intervlagDiverse printed banners

Printed flags and banners are available in all shapes and sizes. The classic straight flag is the most well-known type of flag. These are almost always applicable on each flagpole. The straight flag is printed in silkscreen or digitally printed, with various sizes and delivery times. Glenn also sees an increasing demand for printed canvases. “Printed banners are popular at trade fairs, for example. We recently even bought a new printer for this.” According to Glenn, the price and quality of the banner products is now a known fact. “You distinguish yourself by means of service. For us, that means building good relations, but also guaranteeing the right delivery time. We guarantee the entire process. As a customer you can choose from three types of delivery times: same day (1 day), rush (2 days) or standard (3 days).”

Low investment, large reach

Intervlag, as a supplier of flags and canvases, works directly for resellers. This concept fits the Prindustry platform perfectly. “Prindustry’s model really appealed to us. It is about a low investment with a potentially large reach to resellers. It is a more automated process, but in this process too we try to keep the personal service. We call customers who connect with us and they can always contact us as sparring partners. Resellers can order a product from 1 item. I would like to ask all WhiteLabelShop owners to think about offering banners. It is a very nice product with countless applications. We gave a sneak preview at the Prindustry Connect Event in 2018, where the goodie bag was produced from a banner product!”

As a WhiteLabelShop reseller you can link the Intervlag assortment to your webshop, in addition to the many assortments from other suppliers. The webshop is whitelabel, so you sell everything under your own name, with prices that you determine.