Ramon van Wingerden

Ramon is Captain Prindustry and has collected this happy team.

Marc Bomas

Marc is the sales hero at Prindustry.. He sells you a webshop in a heartbeat!

Jimena Villanueva

Jimena is Wonderwoman. She is aware of everything and brings order to the chaos.

Berend Withaar

Berend is the platform hero at Prindustry. He knows everything about making connections.

Jesse Veenstra

Jesse is our frontend hero. He is the one you need for a beautiful design.

Elco Rademaker

Elco is our superhero in the backend. He is a real developer hero!

Egbert Maurits

Egbert is our API specialist. He is a real hero with programming and developing.

Marco Schuppers

Marco is our support hero! He is ready to answer all your questions.

Chiel van de Velde

Chiel is our new addition to the Prindustry superhero team. He is a real backend hero.

Anne-Gaƫlle Kerros

Our first female programmer. She is the link between frontend and backend.

Jolanda van Drie

Jolanda is the expert in communication. She will keep you posted on everything about Prindustry!

Reymon Zakhary

Developer with affinity for multimedia and graphic design. Reymon is a real professional.


We our looking for Superheroes for our team! Are you a Superhero? Check here our careerpage!