Standardization tool in Prindustry platform

By 3 December 2018Technical

Preview standardization

Users of the WhiteLabelShop will soon benefit from a standardization tool that is currently under development. With this new feature you can easily compare prices and products from the various suppliers at a glance.

The new tool gives you, as a WhiteLabelShop user, the possibility to standardize your assortment with a few clicks. With standardized content you can easily compare prices and products of all affiliated partners in your webshop. With this new development, Prindustry is taking big steps for a future-proof platform. With its unique network and new software developments, the Prindustry platform is distinctive on the map in comparison with regular providers of web2print web portals.

Benefits of standardization

Standardization toolStandards are of great value. These are necessary conditions for a correct selection process and good market functioning. You spend less time with administrative burdens and can easily link all things. With the standardization technique you get a new way of data storage and product composition, which makes for a fast-acting web shop. Elco Rademaker, developer at Prindustry: “Both the WhiteLabelShop users and the suppliers benefit from the standardization tool. You can standardize your category within a few steps. As a user you can compare the prices of the desired products with all linked suppliers. This way you can quickly find the best partner or best price. As a supplier you are continuously visible through this standardization for the WhiteLabelShop users. This ensures that all suppliers can present themselves well. With this new standardization development you let the system work for you instead of the other way around! “

Standardization toolIntroduction on Connect Event

On Thursday 18 October 2018, Prindustry organized the Prindustry Connect Event in The Netherlands. Ramon van Wingerden presented the new standardization tool of the platform on behalf of Prindustry. “We have shown a few product categories that have already been standardized: stationery and flyers.” In the course of 2019, the tool will be complete with standardized content for all product categories. “