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Customer loyalty with personalization

  • With personalization you respond to contemporary customer needs
  • You can personalize extensively: from visual marketing materials to a portal for your customers
  • Case study: GCC Print Professionals, CHILI publish and Prindustry

Case study GCC Print Professionals

GCC Print Professionals has been a relationship of ours for many years. They initially started with our software for a webshop for the sale of printed matter. They gradually expanded this with tailor-made portals for their customers. Customers can adjust and order their printed matter in these ordering platforms. With the integrated editor, they can enter variable data for customizing their communication materials. For example, there is a client for whom GCC’s design studio often had to adapt business cards. Small jobs for GCC, but jobs that occurred regularly and that they certainly did not always charge to the customer. With a customer portal, the customer can quickly adjust the business cards and order them automatically. The orders go automatically to the print facility at GCC. In this way, there is a fast work process, in which errors in the layout of the business cards are excluded and customers are assisted with the most modern techniques.

This example shows a few personalization developments: portals as personal ordering platforms for customers and products in these portals that customers can personalize themselves.
We call the portals exclusively for customers a customer portal; a brand portal for customers. In this case, customers refer to brand owners: companies with a corporate identity that must be consistent in all marketing communications. For many communication and advertising agencies, print managers or printers, a customer portal is interesting to simplify communication processes for customers and to bind them for the long term.

Personalizing marketing materials

Personalized products are in high demand. People want to be able to customize a product with a logo, text, or photo. This also applies to companies. Here the personalization of communication products must always take place within the corporate identity style. In a good customer portal with communication products, your customer can personalize the product before ordering it, while using an online editor with smart design templates. After choosing a product in the portal, the customer can create a design and personalize the product before placing the order. In the editor he can design within corporate identity templates. This means that brand components such as color, font or logo are fixed within the templates. You can set this up in advance or let us set it up. Within these fixed elements the customer can vary with new images and texts. The image below shows an example of a design with the variable input fields on the left. The product can  be personalized in a few seconds. There is a 3D preview to check the design, before the customer places the order. All images are automatically saved, so he can easily reuse and adjust them next time.

There are specialized companies that make software for online editors and we have very good experiences with CHILI publish. As an independent software partner, our core business is to connect various specialized systems to our portals. In this way you always have the best tools and systems!

New in the CHILI editor is that you can generate different formats simultaneously within one template for all online and offline communication channels. This is especially useful for online applications. For example, you get an Instagram Story and a Facebook banner at the same time from one design. For offline designs you get a print-ready output such as a PDF. This PDF can go directly to a print supplier through the connections in the customer portal. In this case study the order goes directly into production at GCC, but we also provide, if desired, other suppliers in an Online Print Marketplace with every portal in which you can choose who to order goes to.

Personalizing portals

You can also personalize an IT platform to meet the individual requirements of the modern customer. Personalization is a broad concept, but in all cases it is about a custom-made, personal experience. Such an experience you can also create in our IT portals. You can completely personalize an order portal in the look and feel of your customer. This starts with logging in: the customer receives a URL with his company name. The first page at this URL is a login screen with an image or video focused on the company. In the portal itself, the customer can find all his own printed matter, designs, quotations, order history and other visual communication products.

With such a customer portal you provide a personal service through an IT environment. Perhaps the most important function is to unburden your customers in all communication activities. If you provide everything for them in a user-friendly and modern platform of their own, they will not quickly switch to another. With the right software and partners, you can create a sustainable customer relationship!


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