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Impression Prindustry on Sign2Com

Prindustry was on Sign2Com from Sunday 16 September to Tuesday 18 September 2018. Sign2Com is the fair for visual communication and signage in Kortrijk, Belgium. For Dutch exhibitor Prindustry, who had never been to this fair before, it was a surprise what a fair day like Sunday would do. It turned out to be a positive surprise with many Flemish self-employed people, who consider the Sunday a perfect day to visit trade fairs. On Monday there were students and more Dutch entrepreneurs. On Tuesday it was busier again with a mix of designers and graphic enthusiasts.

There were also seminars on Monday and Tuesday. Christian Duyckaerts, president of FESPA, told about the future trends based on FESPA’s Print Census 2018. According to this survey, investments are again being made. Also important are the ‘customer realization tools’. “You have to approach a customer who you serve via web2print differently than an offline customer.” There is a lot of optimism about both people’s own business and the sector in general. There are many orders from customers again. FESPA anticipates a large growth of digital print, sign and the display market.
Jos Steutelings from the VIGC talked about online print as an extra sales channel. Percentually, the online market is still a small factor in the sale of printed matter and sign. However, there is a lot of growth potential in this market. Important for online print sales is a complete end-to-end approach. Online print is more than purchasing technology. You have to think about your company, your desired business model, target group and functionalities that are needed. “A webshop does not sell itself.”
Stories that completely fit with the vision of Prindustry with the WhiteLabelShop and the Brandportal!

An impression of Sign2Com in pictures, with the Prindustry team in the spotlight: