Introduction SiteBuilder for your webshop

By 12 November 2018Technical

Create the layout of your WhiteLabelShop yourself

The layout of your webshop is the first impression you can make. This impression should immediately be right, because customers decide in a split second whether they click away or not. These customers always have new needs in the rapidly changing online world. It is important that you adapt the layout of your webshop to these new needs and trends. With the new SiteBuilder, Prindustry introduces a system with which you can easily organize the layout yourself.

The WhiteLabelShop from Prindustry is a webshop that you can design with your own colors, logo and banner. It is a basic design that suits a webshop for printing or sign. Some resellers find this design too basic and ask for extensions with customization. The designers of Prindustry will then work with a tailor-made assignment. With the SiteBuilder it is possible to switch to a system in which you build and adjust the design of your webshop yourself.

Variations in design and color

The SiteBuilder is a system in which you put together the templates for your webshop. Templates are for example the header, the logo, the navigation or the footer. In the SiteBuilder you can choose from various design variations and colors. Jesse Veenstra, front-end developer at Prindustry, explains: “You choose a template from a growing library of elements. You can then assemble these elements with various colors and sizes.” The advantages of the SiteBuilder are enormous. “You have more control over the look and feel of your shop. You do not have to ask everything at the designer first, but you will get started with the design yourself. Moreover, you do not have to work with HTML anymore if you make adjustments to the layout.”

Future-proof webshop

With the SiteBuilder, Prindustry responds to the demand of the market for themed variations on websites. “You can now design your WhiteLabelShop quickly and easily yourself. The SiteBuilder is extremely user-friendly, so with a few building blocks you already have a completely new design.” The development of this is a continuous process. Jesse concludes: “We still have a lot of extensions planned. For example, content blocks are the next step. This means that you can choose from blocks like a text with image, product blocks, videos, highlighted content and much more. For this we will also build a growing library of elements. The point is that we offer these complex tools as user-friendly as possible to the WhiteLabelShop users. “

Also a SiteBuilder?

Naturally, you can purchase the SiteBuilder in combination with a WhiteLabelShop. If you already have a WhiteLabelShop, you can switch to this new design system. Click here for more info.

More success factors

The layout is one of the success factors for your webshop. The user-friendliness, a responsive design, the technical organization or online marketing are examples of other factors for success. Read more about the online marketing for your webshop here. It all starts with determining the target and the target group.