How do you organize all communication for your customer?

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Unify communication chores digitally

Creating communication campaigns for customers is a fun and challenging job. But it includes many activities. You can now organize all those different tasks in one customer portal. A digital customer portal offers you many advantages: time and cost savings, an error-free print management process and a sustainable customer relationship.

Making beautiful communication campaigns for customers: that is undoubtedly the best part of your work! But that also means that you have to make adjustments continuously. Ordering new business cards. Or a new stock of corporate clothing. Finding another photo for a repeating poster campaign. Or placing another text in a brochure. These seem like small jobs, which you do not always charge to your customer. But it still takes quite some time!

You probably guessed it: we have a better solution for this. And we mean really a solution that helps you with more efficient customer management. A web-to-print customer portal ensures a fast and professional process for the (repetitive) communications of your customer. Your customer gets their own web environment where they log in and then find the products they often order through you. Stationery, flyers or business cards. All kinds of brand communication. Customers can easily make adjustments to predefined templates themselves. The workflow for ordering the products is fully automated. The print-ready PDF can be sent directly to a printing company. It saves you a lot: time and cost savings, an error-free process and a sustainable customer relationship because you are already responding to customer needs and techniques for the future!

Customer portal for print management

People move increasingly online. Your customers too. At the same time, the personal connection is more important than ever. A future-proof customer relationship requires attention to digital needs and an individual approach. This is also possible with web-to-print software: by the way of personalized portals!

Customers regularly need printed matter. Someone has to create, adapt, manage, purchase and monitor the corporate identity. With a customer portal you provide an online platform for the creation and prcurement of printed matter for and by the customer. It is an easy ordering system for the customer.

The order can be handled completely automatically. The print-ready PDF can immediately go into production at a (own) printing company from connections in the portal. In the backend you have an overview of orders, invoices, budget settings, shipping method and much more!

Various specialized systems can be integrated. Software for accounting, payments and online editors, such as CHILI Publish. CHILI is an editor that allows you to design within corporate identity templates. After choosing a product in the customer portal, your customer can choose to create a design and personalize the product before submitting the order.

With a customer portal you ensure an efficient and professional process for your customer’s communications. New suppliers, products and prices can be continuously changed within a stable IT framework.

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From 1 customer portal for Printing Company Concordia

Patrick Konig of Concordia:

“We have a Prindustry portal for our largest customer. The customer will find the printed products that he orders the most, such as business cards, flyers and brochures. It is a good online solution at a decent price. I enjoyed working with the team. All functions could be developed. I would definitely recommend Prindustry!”

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Up to 120 customer portals for the City of Antwerp

Joris Heirbaut from the City of Antwerp:

“We have purchased portals for all 120 city authorities in Antwerp. Prindustry has connected all options for print, sign and suppliers. Each organization orders products in its own corporate identity. It is very useful for us. It saves a lot of time. Our print management has been wonderfully translated digitally”

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Joris Heirbaut

Your partner for web-to-print software solutions

Prindustry is an IT company that is specialized in building web portals for print communication with a central procurement and ordering system. Brand portals, customer portals or white label webshops … these are all examples of our web to print software applications that come down to the same thing: convenience. With us you get the all-in-one software package for the sales, procurement and creation of print. You manage your own B2C webshop or B2B portal with orders, quotations, invoicing, accounting, product information, stock, payment systems, online editing and more from one central system. Our strength is connecting: we connect customers, products, partners and systems with each other.