All corporate identity products of your customer or organization in one automated system!
The Prindustry brandportal is an online management system for the ordering of communication products. A webportal to manage, design and order brandcommunication. With a brandportal you manage the processes centrally and order decentralized. All user-friendliness in one portal. You guarantee the corporate identity and save a lot of costs.

brandportal enManaging, creating and ordering communication
The brandportal of Prindustry is a tailor-made webshop. An advanced system for ordering all desired communication tools in the corporate identity of your company or customer. Using your own web environment, you can easily customize and order products such as flyers, brochures, posters, invitations, beach flags or business cards.

Corporate identity products in webportal
You get a domain address and log in here in your own environment. You select the communication products for yourself in the web portal. You can easily create, manage and order your own corporate identity online. Corporate identity components such as color, font or logo are fixed. Within these fixed elements you can vary with new images and texts.

Fully automated system
The Prindustry brandportal is a fully automated solution. One system for requesting tenders, ordering products and continuing orders. In the backend behind the portal you have a complete overview of the order flow and invoices. You can also set up specific settings for discounts, prices, shipping method or payment method. With the management reports you have all the statistics about the orders.

Integration with online editors and Preflight
Various specialized systems can be integrated. Such as financial systems and ERP solutions. Integration with online editors such as CHILI Publish, XpressionFluid or PitchPrint is also possible. An online editor gives you professional options for formatting and editing your products. Preflight can be purchased for your file check.

Connection suppliers
You can add your own suppliers for ordering your communication products. It is also possible to link the brandportal with various graphic suppliers that offer their products within the Prindustry platform. This connection with suppliers gives you the chance to reach a large assortment.

Build your own portal
A brandportal is a modular system. You can build the portal with various modules that are easy to integrate.
Prindustry facilitates the print management processes for you, you are in control of all decisions!

Printers: webportal with your own printing for your customer
With a brandportal from Prindustry you get a personal webshop for your customer to order printed matter in the corporate identity. This is interesting if you are a printing company that has a webshop with its own products for a specific customer. Your customer will receive one webshop containing the products they often order from you, such as stationery, roll-up banners or business cards. You can also link a brandportal with a marketplace with millions of graphic products. There is a choice of various affiliated suppliers of the Prindustry platform. You can also add your own suppliers. You choose which supplier the order goes to. The supplier sends the order as a white label package to your customer or with you as the sender. A brandportal provides in the needs of your customer. Your customer must focus on his own customers, competition and changes in the market. You take care of the customer by making ordering as simple as possible. You guarantee the corporate identity and save a lot of costs. Your own process also becomes more efficient, you process your orders faster and easier.
Brandowners: print management webportal for marketing and communication
A brandportal is your own webportal for your company to handle the print communication that you want to order. A secure webportal for brandowners, print management organizations, healthcare institutions and government organizations. Like a franchise chain with franchise-companies or a local government with all its internal bodies. All of these internal organizations regularly need adapted print products. To make this work faster and easier to make, Prindustry offers a unique brandportal. This portal simplifies the process, takes into account the consistency of your house style and has one user-friendly web environment. With your own printportal you manage these processes
centrally and the employees of your organization(s) can easily customize, manage and order products in their own corporate identity decentrally. You select the desired products and suppliers for these products in the webshop. You can also store and order not-printrelated items through the portal, such as digital communication or other communication products. With a brandportal you develop a sustainable relationship based on a strong brandreputation. All products, all processes, quickly and efficiently, 24 hours a day, in one system.