A brandportal is one’s own webportal for one or more of your customers to order their print communication. This is interesting if you are a printing company that wants to offer a webshop with its own products for a specific customer. A brandportal is also useful when you are a brandowner and have internal customers. Like a government with its internal bodies.

brandportalWith a brandportal you get a tailor-made webshop for your customers. An advanced webshop in your own corporate identity. To order all desired communication tools.
A brandportal is a fully automated solution. One system for requesting tenders, ordering products and continuing orders. With the management reports you have all the statistics about your orders. Various specialized systems can be integrated. Such as online design templates, financial systems and mailing solutions. With a brandportal you manage the processes centrally and order decentralized. All user-friendliness in one portal. You guarantee the corporate identity and save a lot of costs.

You can link a brandportal with our marketplace with millions of products. Flyers, business cards, brochures, stationery or banners can be ordered easily and quickly. There is a choice of various affiliated suppliers of the Prindustry platform. You can also add your own suppliers.

All products, all processes, quickly and efficiently, 24 hours a day, in one system.

Check the customerstory of the City Antwerp about their platform with brandportals.