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Presenting a uniform brand image for all franchisees


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  • One central communication platform: The Brand Portal
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Accurate and consistent brand communication

Franchisees use the recognizable trademark of the franchisor as independent business owners. Supermarket chains or fast-food restaurants such as McDonalds are examples of businesses that adapt a franchise concept. The franchisees are obliged to set up their own local business in accordance with the guidelines and corporate identity of the franchisor. Every marketing expression must be in the same corporate identity as the brand. Whether it concerns business cards, brochures, flyers, annual reports, social media banners or corporate clothing.

However, with presenting uniform branding, you run into one of the following challenges….

  • There is no central system where you can find and order all communication.
  • You must continuously ask a designer to adjust local changes on the marketing materials. Even with minor adjustments. This costs extra time and money, but if the business owner does it himself, he can make mistakes in the branding.
  • Ordering the printed communication products is a difficult task. There are numerous product options and manufacturers available to choose from.

One digital procurement and design portal

For a franchise organization, it is convenient to unite all activities related to communication materials in one online system. One ordering and creation platform for all locations. A platform with personal accounts for all franchisees with the same branding settings.

A Brand Portal provides brand frameworks for everyone who works with the brand. With this software, you get a central system for managing and creating all brand communications. The benefits are uniformity, time savings and consistency.