Optimise your marcom process: from creation to ordering

Content inspiration paper
for childcare organizations:

  • Efficiency in your communication process
  • 4 tips to keep your communication rock solid
  • One central communication platform: The Brand Portal
  • Benefits Brand Portal for brand owners in the childcare industry
  • Features: possibilities of the Brand Portal
  • All in one platform: The Prindustry Brand Portal
  • Customer cases Prindustry Brand Portal
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Brandportal voorbeeld frontend Prindustry

A consistent communication identity

As a childcare organization you want to present yourself as a strong and reliable brand. However, consistent branding is not easy. Every marketing expression from all different locations must be in the same corporate identity. Whether it’s the brochures, location signs, invitations to visits, company clothing or social media banners. From headquarters, you want consistent brand management across all locations and you want to organize all communications as quickly and effectively as possible.

However, you run into one of the following issues…

  • There is no central system where your employees can easily find, (re)use and order all communication materials.
  • You have different locations who all adapt or order the communication materials in their own way.
  • You constantly need to call in a designer to edit your communications. Even for small adjustments. This costs extra time and money, but when your employees do it themselves there can be errors in the designs.
  • Ordering the printed materials is a difficult task. There are numerous product options and manufacturers available to choose from.
Ordering process brand portal

One communication platform

For a childcare organization with several locations, it is convenient to unite all activities around communication materials in one online system. One ordering and creation platform for all locations. A platform with personal accounts for employees, but all with the same tools and settings for procurement and corporate identity. This is a Brand Portal, that responds to the needs of convenience and digitization. All employees can make local adjustments to the communication materials within corporate identity templates. The workflow for ordering is completely automated. This saves everyone a lot of time and at the same time ensures an error-free communication process. A Brand Portal offers the most modern automations and system integrations.