Handle all communication for your customer digitally!

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for communication agencies:

  • The situation: Taking care of all communication activities for customers
  • The solution: one digital procurement and design customer system
  • Order platform for long term customers
  • Features: possibilities of the brand portal
  • Customer cases: brand portal solutions
  • Prindustry: a connecting software partner
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The situation

For your customers you are busy with everything related to communication. Create, manage, purchase products, monitor the corporate identity and continuously adjust all kinds of small things. You wish to unite all communication activities more effectively and digitally.

With this, however, you run into one of the following issues…

  • There is no central system where you can find, (re)use and order all customer communications conveniently and quickly.
  • You constantly have to call in a colleague/designer to adjust communications. Even for small adjustments. This costs extra time and money.
  • You want the customer to be able to make small adjustments to the communication materials themselves, but don’t know how to accomplish this.
  • Ordering the print communication products is a difficult task (for the customer). There are numerous product options and suppliers available to choose from.
  • You have an ordering system for the customer, but it is not sufficient or you run into the complexity of software development.
  • Your current ordering portal doesn’t have a flexible shell for changing prices, deviating print requests or online communication.
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The solution: one digital procurement and design customer system

All communication activities can be conveniently united in one online system. One ordering and creation platform that can be used by both you and the client. This is a brand portal, designed in the look & feel of your customer, with which you respond to the needs for convenience and digitization. With a brand portal you manage the processes centrally and your customer can adjust and order his communication locally. You can set up all the marketing materials in the portal. Business cards, brochures, flags, company clothing or social media banners. All kinds of brand communication. The customer can easily make adjustments in predefined corporate identity templates. The workflow for ordering is completely automated. A brand portal offers the most modern automations and system integrations.