Actualisation marketing: rapid promotions

By 16 February 2021Blog, Brandportal
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Fast marketing campaigns with real-time budget, stock and price overviews

  • With a brand portal you as a brand owner can quickly respond to price actions and promotions for your stores or resellers
  • A stock and budget module support these marketing communications
  • Consistency of the brand is guaranteed through corporate identity templates in the portal
  • Case study: Arvato, Prindustry and a telecom company

Case telecom company and Arvato

With our brand portal software you can choose for various applications. For example, you can use it as a marketing portal with which you as a company want to be able to quickly switch with the shops or resellers who sell your products. This is the case with a multinational telecom company, for whom we provide marketing services together with Arvato. The telecom company operates in a highly competitive market. When a competitor stunts with prices, they want to be able to respond immediately with adjusted prices in all stores. The company therefore wanted to make it easier to enter and update telephone prices online. The result were brand portals for all store owners. In their own portal, they see the prices of the telecom company, tailored to all types of devices and subscriptions. At the touch of a button, they can generate the desired number of price cards per device and subscription. For example, do you want the latest price cards for the Samsung Galaxy S10 with the subscriptions of this provider? Then you click on how many price cards you want. A PDF simply follows with the new prices that you can print immediately.

Case Arvato, Prindustry en telecombedrijf

Actualisation for marketing

That speed is important, because the prices must be presented up to date in the stores. The stores can now replace all prices within five minutes. Previously, it took two days of manual programming to adjust prices.
Actualization is therefore the focal point here: being able to immediately implement the correct prices. The time-to-consumer is now directly for the company. And you also exclude errors by filtering out manual input work.
Then of course it is also the case that for a brand such as the telecom provider, it is important that all marketing communications are presented in the same corporate identity. Even when it comes to price cards. This is integrated in the portal through corporate identity templates from an online editor. Employees from all over the world can make adjustments in the editor in templates with fixed corporate identity elements.


Actualisation with stock module

This consistency in the branding of the marketing communications is also important in the actualisation in another module in the portals; that of stock management. This stock module keeps track of the number of promotional items. The store owners can hand out or display these promotional materials in their store. Think of pens, notepads, posters, folders and POS material. Users of the brand portal can see whether the desired products are in stock and can then order them immediately. For example, would you like a poster with the text “6 months discount”? The user immediately sees that there are still 57 in stock. Do you want to hand out pens with the logo? Of these, there are 540.

Digitale budget portemonnee

Actualisation with budget module

The account managers of the telecom company can use an up-to-date budget module themselves. They can support their accounts in their own web portal. These are, for example, the brand’s resellers. An account manager can order gifts for them. Flowers, a cake or cards. They can also spend the budget on sales support marketing materials. For example for training. Pens or gifts with the logo.
Each account manager is allocated his own budget for this in his portal. They can freely spend this budget on the products within the ordering platform. With such a digital wallet, the responsible manager can control exactly how much the account managers can spend in real time. The available products are also linked to the stock status.