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Ramon van Wingerden CEO Prindustry

Ramon van Wingerden

Prindustry's esteemed captain is the inspiring factor within the company. Ramon would be happy to visit you for an appointment or a demo of the system.

Ramon got into the print business early on. He worked at Dutch graphic companies like Wifac before he founded the print collective Dravik Group in 2003. For the success of this collective, he believed collaboration was key. Ramon started a franchise company called DeHuisdrukker and made the first software for this company. Software to sell print online. With his believe in collaboration and online print, he founded IT company Prindustry in 2011. He sold DeHuisdrukker in 2012 to completely focus on the growing software ambitions of Prindustry.

For Ramon connecting is the way to go in this business. Connecting through partnerships and through the software he develops at Prindustry. Prindustry develops software inhouse for online print shops and brand portals, but connects with various specialized partners and systems. In this way, the online print entrepreneur always has the best tools and systems available.

"Our software is primarily aimed at the automated ordering process. We furthermore integrate various specialized systems. In this way our customers have the best options available. Our approach is to connect everything and everyone through automation."

Berend Withaar
Product owner

Berend Withaar

Berend has been our platform expert for over ten years. This sympathetic product owner knows everything about making connections and developing agile software.

Berend is our platform expert. This sympathetic product owner knows all about making connections and agile software development.

"I am always looking for improvements within processes and structures. It's about achieving the best result together with a team. And all this, of course, in a friendly atmosphere!"

In 2021 Berend has been working at Prindustry for 12.5 years! Reason enough to treat this top guy to a surprise BBQ. This colleague is highly appreciated by current and former colleagues - and they were all present, together with his family, to put Berend in the spotlight.

Jolanda van Drie
Communication & Marketing

Jolanda van Drie

Mailings, website content, press releases, client sessions, trade shows or partner stories: Jolanda is an experienced communications expert who delivers compelling messages to any audience.

Storyteller | Business journalist | Communication manager | Daydreamer | SMEs | Print media | Marketing | IT

"Storytelling is the theme in my career. As a business journalist for (print) business magazines and now as a communication manager at Prindustry. The essence of storytelling for companies is thinking from the customer's experience and perception. A customer can tell best how satisfied and successful he is with your product. For the marketing for Prindustry I strongly believe in bringing good and relevant content, both for our new and for our current customers.”

Annemarie Manshande
Projects & Operations

Annemarie Manshande

Annemarie takes care of all operational matters and projects. She is firmly committed to ISO certifications, debtor management and the streamlining of internal processes.

Accurate, committed and well prepared… these were the qualities that stood out positively during the application procedure with Annemarie for our position as projects & operations employee. These are also exactly the qualities that Annemarie shows as our new colleague from December 2020. Annemarie is firmly committed to projects for, among other things, our ISO 27001 certification, debtor management and the streamlining of internal processes.

What have you been doing since you started?
“These are various operational activities. For example, I call customers regarding payments. Furthermore, it is a voyage of discovery in IT and print media. There is a huge world behind the delivery of a webshop. I have ample opportunity to tackle projects. Quality is more important than quantity. I was able to do extensive research for a party to enter the ISO 27001 certification process. That way I could properly understand what is needed.”

Jesse Veenstra

Jesse Veenstra

A good user experience is the main focus of Jesse in optimizing the various web portals. He knows how to design beautiful web shops and brand portals like no other.

For a beautiful design you have to go to Jesse. A good user experience is always central to him in the design and optimization of the portals.

The layout is one of the success factors for your webshop. The first impression must be right from the start, because customers decide in a split second whether they click away or not. Jesse: "Our SiteBuilder is a system in which you can compose the templates for your webshop yourself. Templates are for example the header, the logo, the navigation or the footer. In the SiteBuilder you can choose from various design variations and colors. You choose a template from a growing library of elements, which you can then put together in various colors and sizes.”
The benefits of the SiteBuilder are enormous. “You have more control over the look & feel of your shop. You don't have to ask the designer everything first, but get started with the design yourself. Moreover, you no longer have to work with HTML if you make changes to the layout.”

Jeroen Zelle

Jeroen Zelle

Jeroen is our support force. Every day he is there to answer customer questions about how the platform works. Internally he supports the team with good automations.

Jeroen's application was a perfect match: he has exactly the right combination of qualities and interests to fill our support position. He has been working in support positions for 15 years and has experience with printmedia (ordering) and IT solutions. With Jeroen, we have a good force in house.

Jeroen: "The job is a good fit. It is an all-round support function, with nice challenges for the future. I enjoy finding the cause of problems for customers and providing the best possible solution. I am the bridge between the customer and the programmers. It's about the correct translation of the customers' wishes to the developers and back again. This takes place within a team where the atmosphere is very open and pleasant."

Jeroen is available every day to answer all your questions about how our platform works. The best way to submit your question is by sending an e-mail to A ticket will be created and the right actions will be taken immediately. Of course, you can also call: (0031)20 8223536.

Would you like to receive more information, an appointment, an online demo or a quote? Connect with us through our contact form. You can reach us by phone on working days from 8.30 till 17.30.

Ronald developer

Ronald ter Neuzen

As a developer, Ronald is the connecting factor between the frontend and backend. Always in for a joke and goal-oriented in his software developments.

As a developer, Ronald is the connecting factor between the frontend and backend. Always in for a joke and goal-oriented in his software developments.
Reymon Zakhari

Reymon Zakhary

Reymon is our developer for the software team in the Netherlands and Egypt. For innovative developments you have to go to this programming talent.

Reymon is our developer for the software team in the Netherlands and Egypt. Reymon is the right person for innovative software developments.

As an IT company you have to stay up to date. New technologies are constantly being added. You should regularly review your technology and replace it where necessary. Reymon guides the new development of our platform. We build this version 3.0 on microservices. Microservices is a software development technique that ranks one large application as a collection of multiple, smaller applications. Every application - or microservice - is part of the Prindustry platform. Consider, for example, parts such as orders, products, search function, shopping cart or customers. The main advantages: better performance due to a faster system, more maintainable software, more effective development teams and scalability. Companies such as Netflix, Uber or Amazon have successfully preceded us in redeveloping their complex, large systems on microservices.

Tom Zinger
Online Editing Specialist

Tom Zinger

Tom is our online template expert. He helps you set up corporate identity templates in the advanced CHILI editor, which can be connected to any portal.

Tom is our online template expert. He helps you set up corporate identity templates in the advanced CHILI editor, which can be connected to any portal.

Ramon: “CHILI conveniently connects smart data to smart templates and provides print-ready output such as a PDF. Prindustry will do the rest. We connect the PDF to print partners and production. Prindustry helps you set up the editor with predefined corporate identity templates. We can arrange for you what users can and cannot manage and adjust. Our template expert Tom provides training to get started with the advanced editor. Our mission and strength is to make connections.”


Mihai Mincu

Our newest asset is an experienced backend specialist. Mihai will help us take the Prindustry platform to the next level.

Since the end of September 2022, we can count the experienced developer Mihai to the Prindustry team. Mihai moved from Romania to the Netherlands with his family in early 2022. After an adventure at a start-up in Amsterdam, he decided Prindustry was a better fit for him. "In the conversations with Ramon and Reymon, there was a positive communication about the good and less good developments at Prindustry. That openness is characteristic of the company culture and appealed to me."

With 20 years of backend experience, Mihai will take on more and more projects. "This is a challenging position. It' convenient that I can carry it out in a flexible setting. Standard is that we start the day with the developers with a Daily in which we coordinate the main points of interest. I then work on this at home or at the office in Haarlem. The shared lunch at the office makes working in the office extra nice."

Bas Kort

Bas Korthals

Fixing bugs, developing new features and writing the right codes.... Back-end developer Bas does it all for Prindustry!

Backend developers create, code and improve a software platform so that the end user gets a functional and fluid experience. As a new backend developer at Prindustry, Bas brings fresh insights to further optimize this for the Prindustry platform.

"I enjoy exploring new concepts and working out a way to put those concepts into practice, preferably in a new product. My greatest passion is developing APIs and other backend software."

At Prindustry, Bas gets plenty of room to further develop his programming talent. "Prindustry already works with good code. For the future, I like to contribute to further streamlining the project flow."

Vacatures Prindustry


We are looking for a Backend Developer!

We have a vacancy for a backend developer. We are outgrowing our company and need your programming talent to further develop our unique web2print communication platform.

Mail your motivation including resume to Ramon van Wingerden at