A reliable, innovative and connecting IT partner

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Everything about IT partner Prindustry

Efficient, safe and innovative. You can find this all in IT company Prindustry. We develop our web2print web portals with the greatest care, taking into account various ecological and legal conditions. 

A convenient IT partner

Brand portals, customer portals or whitelabel webshops… these are all products of Prindustry that amount to the same thing: convenience. You get an all-in-one software package for the online sales, procurement and creation of print. You manage your own b2c webshop or b2b portal with orders, quotes, invoicing, accounting, product information, stock, payment systems, online editing and more from one central system.

A sustainable IT partner

Ein nachhaltiger IT-Partner There is a focus in society on sustainability and health. Prindustry sees an increase in green printing and green suppliers in the print market and likes to connect these partners to its platform. Partner Ecoprint is an example of an environmentally friendly supplier that offers green products in the integrated marketplace behind the Prindustry webshop. Almost all printing suppliers are busy with recycling, especially in the field of paper, inks and transport.
For the hosting of its webshops, Prindustry chooses to do this at datacentres that use green energy.
Prindustry wants to be flexible and scalable internally in combination with a healthy and sustainable working environment for employees. Prindustry also wants to work sustainably with its relations. Prindustry focuses on good and long-term connections in every field.

A reliable IT partner

Prindustry is affiliated with industry organisation ICT Warranty. The ICT guarantee certification is monitored and renewed every year. It stands for reliable ICT companies and gives partners clarity and certainty.
Ein zuverlässiger IT-PartnerAs of 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in function. Prindustry has, to the extent that it has not yet been, protected all the personal data of orders that go through the platform under this legislation.
The Terms and Conditions regulate the legal relationship between contractor and her clients. Technical support is also ensured through the legal documents.
Every Prindustry webshop has a secure https connection through an SSL certificate. Prindustry takes care of all appropriate technical and organisational measures that are to prevent data breaches.

An innovative IT partner

As an IT company you must stay up to date. New technologies are constantly being added. You need to regularly review your technology and replace it where necessary. Prindustry is working on a new version of its platform in 2020.
In the new version of the platform, there will be a complete different infrastructure from the base. This next phase is dedicated to optimizing speed, scalability and ease of use. The user experience is key. Fewer clicks, faster and easy navigation, a clear flow and more possibilities.
Prindustry builds the new version 3.0 on microservices. Microservices are a software development technique that arranges one large application as a collection of multiple, smaller applications. Each application – or: microservice – is part of the Prindustry platform. Parts such as orders, products, search function, shopping cart or customers. The main advantages: better performance through a faster system, better maintenance software, more effective development teams and scalability. Companies like Netflix, Uber or Amazon have already pre succeeded us in developing their complex, large micro-service systems.

Ein innovativer IT-Partner

A connecting IT partner

The power of Prindustry is connecting: we connect customers, products, partners and systems with each other. We do this best through our software for web2print portals. Our web2print software can be used in different ways: as a whitelabel webshop for the online sales of print, as a brand portal for the procurement and creation of your corporate identity communication or as a customer portal with print communication for your customer. With a Prindustry portal you get a fully automated SaaS solution for the online management, sales, procurement and/or creation of printed matter.
With its many years of experience in this field, Prindustry can advise companies on their online strategy for communication procurement, creation of print products online and technological innovations. Prindustry facilitates the print management processes for you; you are in control of all decisions yourself!

We would like to talk to you about the customer-specific application options of your web portal. We love to connect!